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Affinity Group DefenderAffinity Group Defender
Tom Horn,
Sales Division Director
ext. 227
Sales Division
Buy and Sell by Mail

For more than 120 years, Sales Division has served as a middleman for thousands of APS members who wish to buy and/or sell stamps and covers - all from the convenience of their home!

What the Sales Division
Can Offer You!

"Mini Stamp Shops" delivered to your home

$8 million inventory

More than 160 collecting categories

No buying limit

$215 average value per sales book

Buyer satisfaction guaranteed

Sellers' books insured while circulating

40,000 sales books in circulation among members

Friendly Staff

Excellent customer service (average tenure of 29 years per staff member)

How do I Begin?

Are you interested in receiving sales books containing stamps or covers of a specific category (country, topic, etc.) for hands-on purchasing? We can put you on a circuit which is geographically grouped with other prosective buyers - See How to Buy for more details.

Do you have material you wish to sell? Through our mail sales division we can get your stamps in the hands of fellow members - See How to Sell.

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