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If you have any questions regarding the Stamps Teach Pilot program, email Omar Rodriguez.

Stamps Teach Pilot Program

We ran two pilot programs during the 2011 thru 2013 school years where more than 100 educators used and evaluated the Stamps Teach resources. Teachers and home educators in grade 3 through 5 classrooms (or their equivalent) agreed to use the Stamps Teach Plus Grades 3 to 5 section.

Throughout the school year the pilot teachers:

  1. Used the lessons from the Stamps Teach website involving postage stamps;
  2. Provided students with opportunities to have fun with the task cards at the StampVentures Learning Center;
  3. Used worksheets from the Stamps Teach website involving postage stamps;
  4. Provided the American Philatelic Society with feedback and for each lesson, task card, and worksheet they used.
  5. Distributed the Young Stamp Collectors of America flyer to their students and helped those interested in participating to get registered. Note: Benefits include free 6-month enrollment, free stamps throughout their membership, and complimentary US stamp album.
  6. Provided students the opportunity to give feedback on the lesson plan, StampVentures, activity cards, and worksheets.


We thank the Pilot Teachers! -- Their participation and evaluations have given us the information we need to move forward with this worthwhile, nonprofit resource that helps children master state standards of learning using postage stamps.


Access to physical stamps helped to increase student engagement in Multiplication BINGO across a number of different ways. Students loved to sort their stamps and compare their stamps with other students.

                                                   Cara in Pennsylvania

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