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Stamps Teach Plus for Grades 3 - 5

Welcome to Stamps Teach Plus — Download the free lesson plans and worksheets by using the subject buttons on the right of this page PLUS receive FREE material to create a StampVentures Learning Center in your classroom!

Get Your Stamps Teach Plus Kit!

Simply complete the registration form and we will ship you a Stamps Teach Plus kit that includes: an assortment of postage stamps, StampVentures activity center posters and activity cards, student response cards, and a free membership to Young Stamp Collectors of America (YSCA) for each of your students.

Use the free material to create your StampVentures learning center by simply setting up a small table in your classroom, use the posters to decorate the area, set out the container of stamps and activity cards -- encourage students to visit while you are busy working with other children.

Educators using Stamps Teach Plus are expected to provide Stamps Teach with an evaluation of lesson plans, worksheets, and activity cards used and to allow students to evaluate the material using the postage-paid student response cards.


The task cards were a great addition to our Work Stations that we're already doing. Loved using the stamps with them! Using stamps is fun!
                                                   Lexa in Texas

The program was the best free resource I've gotten to teach skills in the curriculum-thank you.
                                                   Deborah in Illinois

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