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System for Assignment of Bourse Space for the APS Winter Show (AmeriStamp Expo)

  1. Priority order is determined separately for the winter (AmeriStamp Expo) and summer (STAMPSHOW) APS shows. Participating in the August shows is only used as a tiebreaker for determining priority for the winter show.
  2. Each dealer is awarded ten (10) points for each APS winter show participation as a bourse dealer. This includes only the APS run Stamp Shows held from 1998 to present.
  3. Each dealer is awarded an extra two (2) points for each paid booth per show. This includes quarter and dollar booths.
  4. The number of points awarded to each dealer is totaled, and companies are placed in priority order with the highest point total being #1 on the list.
  5. Priority order will be in order from most points to least points with the exception that if demand exceeds the supply of booths, local dealers who have never had a booth at AmeriStamp Expo or would not have enough priority points to participate are guaranteed ten percent of the booths. Local shall be defined as residing within 250 miles of the show location.
  6. All priority points will be in the name of the company signing the contract for bourse space. If a company is sold the priority points transfer with the sale of the company.
  7. If a dealer consigns material to another dealer for purposes of working a booth at an APS Stamp Show, all priority points will belong to the dealer who signs the contract for bourse space and not the consigning dealer.
  8. When more than one dealer has the same number of priority points, the order will be based on the number of APS Shows (both winter and summer) for which a booth has been purchased and then from the lowest APS number to the highest APS number.
  9. After five (5) successive years of non-participation, all accumulated priority points are lost. Should such a dealer decide to participate once more as an APS show bourse dealer, they must begin the process as a new dealer with no priority points.
  10. Dealers will be requested to complete a reservation form and mail in a deposit in order to ensure their ability to select space at the next APS stamp show. If such materials are not returned to APS by the established deadline, then these dealers must wait to select space until all dealers whose deposits were received on time have made their selection.
  11. First-time dealers who are not local and who wish to obtain space at an APS stamp show may do so on a space available basis. Requests of this type will be assigned if space permits after all dealers with priority points and all local first-time dealers who complete a request form and submit a deposit by the established deadline.
  12. Failure to pay contracted amounts when due and failure to staff a booth for the entire duration of a show may result in no credit being given for that show in the priority calculation.
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