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Volunteer at AmeriStamp Expo use this online form.
Volunteer at AmeriStamp Expo! Use this online form to sign-up, or submit using our .pdf form.

Thank you for volunteering for our show!
APS #:
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Email Address:
Please indicate available times in the appropriate boxes below.
(Example: 8 am-2pm; all day, etc.)
Wednesday, Feb. 21:
Thursday, Feb. 22:
Friday, Feb. 23:
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Sunday, Feb. 25:

Please check which tasks you are interested in and comment on specific preference.

Dealer Check-in Registration area
Discovery Cove/Youth Area Souvenir Preparation
Exhibiting Mounting/Dismounting Stamp Buddy/Beginner
Exhibiting Packing Stamps by the Bucket
Frame Preparation Stamps in Your Attic
Jury/Awards Assistance Other (please specify in comments)
If you select several tasks,
please be sure to specify
if you have preferences.

Please schedule me for a maximum of: hours.

I will be driving to the show and request my parking costs are reimbursed.
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I will be taking public transportation to the show and request reimbursement.
      YES       NO
I will provide 8 or more hours of volunteer support and would like a free ticket for the Saturday evening banquet.
      YES       NO
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