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AP Ad Design Services

Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in designing your next advertisement.

Sending Artwork

Please do not tape or paste down items that must be scanned. If you want to include a suggested layout, please use photocopies of items, not the actual items.

Ad Proofs

Prior to publication, we will fax or email you a proof of your ad. This is your chance to check the ad carefully for any errors. If we have made an error, we will provide a second proof at no charge. Time permitting, and upon request, additional proofs will be provided at the rate of $5 per proof.

Late Changes

It is extremely important to proof your ad carefully. Once the magazine has gone to the printer, it is very costly to make a change. The minimum charge to make late changes to a black-and-white ad is $50; $150 for a color ad change.

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