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AllStar Stamp Club

The AllStar Stamp Clubs are youth clubs that affiliate with the American Philatelic Society to receive stamp collecting supplies, meeting ideas, and resources for meeting activities. Member clubs are organized by local adults with a desire to share the joy of stamps collecting with a group of young people. These clubs may be organized within a classroom by a teacher, after school by a school employee or community volunteer, or in the evening at a library meeting room or church hall by a community volunteer.

We believe that enrolling in this program will be helpful to the good work you already are doing, and that sharing our ideas will be good for all of us now, and for the future of the hobby!

AllStar Stamp Clubs membership includes:

  1. Club leaders will receive at least three mailings each year that include a variety of donations — stamps, covers, and other stamp collecting supplies.
  2. Leaders also receive the APS AllStar Leader Letter (see a sample in .pdf format) and are encouraged to share ideas with other AllStar Stamp Clubs leaders — activities such as meeting ideas, lesson plans, games, special events — what you have done to make your club meeting successful.
  3. The children in your club will receive an AllStar Stamp Clubs membership card, certificate, and a pin.
  4. If the parents permit the release of your members’ names, addresses, and birthdates to the APS, members will receive a card, stamps, and a philatelic souvenir on their birthdays. This information will be for the AllStar Stamp Clubs records only and will never be released.

There is a $15.00 annual club fee, payable to the American Philatelic Society. You enroll your club or classroom; your youth collectors become members of the APS AllStar Stamp Clubs at no cost to them. Register Today!


If you have any questions please contact Janet Houser, Program Coordinator, American Philatelic Society, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823, phone: 814-933-3820; fax: 814-933-6128; or by email.

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