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April 2014 Snap Shots
Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition, April 4-6

Unveiling of the Song Bird stamps.


Yamil Kouri (right) receives the grand award from Steve Washburne.


Jockey Hollow Stamp Club,
Morristown, NJ

Members of the club shopped at the “Stamp and Cover Shop.”


Jockey Hollow - Other members spent time in Sales Division.

Capital City Philatelic Society,
Harrisburg, PA

On the club’s visit to the APC members took of using Sales Division.


Capital City - A couple members purchased some items from the Headsville Post Office.

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Stan Fairchild visited the APC and spent time in Sales Division.


J. Thomas Showler (right), an APS life member, receives his 50-year medallion from Bill Dixon, APS Sales Division Circuit Manager.


Horse Stamp Church Road, located outside Waverly, Georgia (along I-95), and got the name in the 1800s from soldiers holding worship services in the fields or under trees. The soldiers used their horses to “stamp out” areas in the dirt or the grass for worship.

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