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Bill Dixon, Circuit Manager, Sales Division

Since being introduced to stamp collecting in 1959, when I found my grandma’s long forgotten beginner album, I have discovered that the more I learn, the more I realize you can never know everything about philately.

Since joining the Sales Division staff in 1981, and now as circuit manager, my main responsibilities are to check incoming submissions, manage the inventory so we can fill all the different types of circuits we offer, and to answer any questions our members have concerning the Sales Division or anything philatelic. I also currently teach a course on Global Fakes and Forgeries.

My spare time is filled by my wife Sue, our 18-year-old twins Laura and Paul, and four cats. I am also a master level USATF track and field starter, handling about twenty plus meets a year at all levels from high school and up. I am a four time Big Ten Championship starter.

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