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APRL Grand Opening Book Fair

October 29, 2016, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

After the ribbon cutting celebrating the new American Philatelic Research Library, stay for a philatelic book fair. The fair will feature 5 new books, author signings, and all of the great publications sold by the APS.

Special Delivery 
by Marcia Myers
A wonderful time capsule of historic photographs and unique, compelling stores that are delightfully engaging, informative, and nostalgic-bringing one back again and again to a cornucopia of heroic people, places, and things that are uniquely about the power of the pen and the postal system that made it all possible.
Myers will be at the fair to sign books.

The Path To Gold, 175 Proven Stamp Exhibiting Tips
By Steven Zwillinger
This book by experienced exhibitor and judge Steven Zwillinger provides information, illustrations, and techniques that will be helpful to both experienced and beginning exhibitors.
Zwillinger will be at the fair to sign books.

Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting, 2nd Edition 
by Rodney A. Juell, Lynn R. Batdorf & Steven J. Rod
The most comprehensive book on United States stamps and stamp collecting in a brand new edition.
The authors will be at the fair to sign books.

Cataloging U.S. Commemorative Stamps: 1950 
by Charles Posner
This book, just published by the APS in October 2016, presents the commemorative postage stamps issued during 1950.

Insights into U.S. Postal History, 1855-2016 
by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz
Chapters on 13 aspects of U.S. postal history, plus two appendices including one on research resources. A must-read for anyone doing postal history research. Wawrukiewicz’ other books, U.S. Domestic Postal Rates, 1872-2011 Third Edition, U.S. International Postal Rates 1872-1996, and Forwarding of Mail by the U.S. Post Office Department, 1792-2001, will also be available.

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