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Chapter Awards

APS Chapter Champions
The purpose for the APS Chapter Champions is to encourage the recruitment of APS members within the local APS chapters.

All APS chapters that meet the following requirements will be designated as APS Chapters of Excellence, will be provided with a specially designed logo for use on their websites and will be eligible for consideration for the APS Chapter Champions. Those requirements are:

Be a current APS chapter

Have maintained or increased the number of members in the chapter

Have submitted on-time consecutive annual reports, including a complete member list

Have qualified for free dues (page 2 of the application)

Have communications with chapter members in the form of e-mail and/or hard-copy newsletters at least four times per year

Have a website that contains a link to the APS website

Chapters are categorized in three groupings based on the number of chapter members recorded on their completed (including the chapter’s member list) annual reports: Small (up to 24 members); Medium (25-to-49 members); and Large (50 or more members).

An award of $200 will be presented to one chapter in each group size based on the net growth of APS membership from the Chapters of Excellence. APS Chapter Champions winners must wait three years to be considered for this award again.

Note: This is in addition to the pursuit of the free dues chapters enjoy when they have APS membership of at least one-third and the $5 credit the chapter gets for sponsoring each new APS member during the year. The savings of $45 plus each $5 plus the chance of getting $200 will give many chapters the motivation to spread the word about the hobby.

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