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You Can Start a Stamp Club!

Club Programs

A very important position in any stamp club is that of program chairman. In many clubs, the vice president often handles this key job. A well-organized schedule of programs helps to keep meeting attendance high, and members interested and involved. A club with a boring or poorly publicized program schedule will quickly see attendance drop, and membership start to fade away.

Know your members’ interests and aim for a variety of programs that will interest as many people as possible. Use a questionnaire like the one provided on the sample forms page to learn about your members and ask again every few years to note any changes. Most collectors are interested in areas outside their own special interests (you never know when you might find something new to collect!); so plan the occasional program that differs from anyone’s interests, just to expand their horizons.

You can get ideas for programs through visits to other clubs and by reading the national philatelic press. The bibliography page lists several reference works that also may be helpful.

Speaking of the national philatelic press, Linn’s Stamps News maintains a registry of local stamp clubs. Go to www.linns.com, click on Reference then Local Stamp Clubs.

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