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Community Outreach

Use donated items to make presentations to groups outside of stamp collecting to show them that stamps can be used to help people learn about their interests.

Take an exhibit to a place where the topic relates to that organization or group and have it on display for a month.

Place stamp publications in waiting rooms, schools and senior centers to introduce people to stamp collecting. Place a card inside telling them about your club as well.

Arrange to have an exhibit or a display case somewhere in a well visited building to show how stamp collecting relates to almost everything.

Write an article for your local newspaper or magazine about some aspect of collecting or a story using stamps.

Enlist the help of a local librarian to have a hands-on program, using stamps to direct children to reference materials the library has.

Consider holding an occasional joint meeting with other clubs that may be relatively close to you (20–30 miles).

If there is an Exchange Student program in your area, invite one of them to speak to the Chapter. This helps members learn about the countries they collect (or may wish to start collecting), they give speaking experience to visiting youth, and you may find young collectors from other countries!

Contact teachers in the schools about using stamps as part of the learning experience in the classroom. Geography, history, literature, languages, math and sciences are all candidates for using stamps. Some teachers apply stamps to test and report papers for good grades instead of stars.

The "grass roots" of our hobby -- the local stamp clubs as well as local (and national level) stamp shows – are important to collectors for areas where dealers are almost non-existent. Develop an Internet presence and advertise it in the area.

If your Chapter has a 501(C)(3) tax status, consider offering a ‘What’s In Your Attic’ program during a stamp show or as a stand-alone event.

Provide philatelic exhibits each year for a local or state fair.

Contact a Home school organization to help them with instruction ideas using stamps.

Teach an organization about how to design and use special event covers to commemorate an event they are planning.

Put together pages of topics and have a club meeting for sorting through to get stamps for the pages. Package them for beginner collectors. The ATA has them for sale, as well, and the APS has the album pages.

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