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GPL Recognition Dinner
The Global Philatelic Library Recognition Dinner held at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, Dec. 7, 2012

Before the dinner, curator Cheryl Ganz gave attendees a tour of construction for the National Postal Museum’s new Gross Gallery. This rendering shows part of the finished gallery.


A model shows the different areas of the gallery.

Visitors donned hard hats before entering the construction site.


Members of the NPM Council of Philatelists wrote messages to the future on the stairway. The messages will be covered when the stairway is completed, perhaps to be revealed during a future renovation project.

Cheryl Ganz and other staff describe the construction. The area where the Gross Gallery will be was previously a restaurant.


Original woodwork in the postmaster’s office will remain visible in the new gallery.

After viewing the construction, attendees got a tour of the museum’s preservation and conservation department. A sheet of stamps signed by Postmaster General James Farley was sent to the Center for Conservation for Art and Historic Artifacts for conservation treatment.


The department also conserves non-paper objects, such as this flight suit worn by Amelia Earheart.

During the dinner, the founding partners of the Global Philatelic Library were presented with awards. APRL President Roger Brody, shown here with Librarian Tara Murray, accepted the APRL’s award.


On Saturday morning, representatives from the founding partners of the Global Philatelic Library met over coffee to map out next steps for the project. Pictured here are Alan Holyoake, Royal Philatelic Society London, Allen Kane, Smithsonian National Postal Museum, Frank Walton, RPSL, Baasil Wilder, Smithsonian Libraries, Chris King, RPSL, and Suzanne Pilsk, Smithsonian Libraries. APRL Librarian Tara Murray took the photo.

Frank Walton mapped the technical details of the GPL.


Steve Jarvis from the RPSL joined the group from England by video.

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