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Fellowship Tracks

Upon acceptance into the highly selective YPLF program, Fellows receive an introduction and then choose a specific track upon which to focus their year of study. In each track, Fellows work with a mentor to learn more about exhibiting stamps and covers (Exhibiting Track), writing about philately (Author Track), or becoming a stamp dealer (Dealer Track). A year-long project is produced from within the chosen track and a presentation at StampShow will culminate the experience.

Sample Author Track Activities

Choose a philatelic topic and write an article for publication in a philatelic magazine.

Create a multimedia presentation on a philatelic topic.

Sample Dealer Track Activities

Learn about how stamps and other philatelic materials are valued.

Price and package philatelic materials to sell at a national stamp show.

Create a presentation on the best way to market philatelic material

Sample Exhibitor Track Activities

Choose a stamp topic and build a stamp exhibit that tells its story

Display an exhibit at StampShow

Create a presentation describing the exhibiting experience

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