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Jeff Stage — Editorial Associate

Jeff Stage joined the APS staff as an editorial associate in May, 2015 after a long career in the newspaper industry.

Jeff works as a writer and editor on the production of The American Philatelist, but also helps produce the Philatelic Literature Review, and general news releases and products for other departments, such as membership and education.

Before joining the APS and moving to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, Jeff spent his entire life in Central New York state, which is part of snow belt where 120 inches of snow per season is not unusual. He attended college at State University College at Oswego and had a near 36-year career at the daily newspapers in Syracuse.

Jeff spent about half of his career as a reporter and half as an editor. Here’s his brief review of his time with the city’s two newspapers, the now-defunct afternoon Herald-Journal and The Post-Standard, the morning paper.

I worked in the sports department for more than five years and loved it, whether it was standing on the muddy sidelines of a football field in a driving three-hour, 40-degree rain to cover a high school football game, or driving an hour to the Finger Lakes to report about a very young rising college senior named John Elway, who spent one summer playing baseball in the New York Yankees farm system.

I moved on to other newspaper duties, including crime and safety reporter (twice), suburban and features writer and editor, and news desk copy and production editor. I even spent six months as fashion editor (anyone who sees how I dress is incredibly shocked by this, but I swear it’s true!). And I taught news writing as an adjunct at Syracuse University (Go, Orange!).

The newspaper business is like no other. One minute you’re pounding out a brief about a chicken dinner and the next you’re interviewing a firefighter who risked his life to pull a kid from a burning house. One day you interview George Carlin and the next you talk to a guy who swears he has no idea how his taxi-driving girlfriend disappeared (seven years later, the cops found the body on dry ice in a storage unit and, yes, he was convicted). At 8:30 a.m. you’re putting together a drab page about upcoming town elections and less than an hour later you are scurrying to create a special section conveying the horror 9/11.

All this time, though, I found peace, solace, and much happiness as a stamp collector. I accumulate, study, research, and collect, just like you. (Along the way I combined my newspaper skills, enjoyment of writing, and appreciation of stamps to create a mystery novel, “Chasing Jenny.”)

As much as I loved every minute of the newspaper business (well, OK, showing up to work at 7 p.m. on election night and not getting home until 9 a.m. wasn’t much fun), I am even more thrilled to be at the APS, where I work with staff members, volunteers, and our incredibly knowledgeable contributors to bring the world of philately to your homes.

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