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Lisa Clemson — Staff Accountant

“I’ve enjoyed meeting many of our members and also recruiting some new ones. The APS is a terrific place to work, and we really are a family here.”

I came to the APS as a business student in high school in May 1980 for a two-week on-the-job training program we were required to do our senior year. I saw “American Philatelic Society” among the options we could choose for training, and asked my instructor about it. He said it was all about stamp collecting, and that it would be a good place to go, with many different things to do there. I said, “Send me there.” Later, one week before graduation, APS Sales Division Director Gordon Wrenn called and asked me if I wanted a job. I started the week after I got my diploma, and the rest is history!

I started in Sales Division as a clerk, doing whatever was asked of me. In those days, we had no computers and everything was processed by typewriters and addressograph plates. A couple of years later I became Gordon Wrenn’s secretary, and that’s where I stayed until March of 1987 when I moved over to the Accounting Department and where I’ve been ever since. My first duties were to process all Sales Division income, all American Philatelic Research Library income and expenses, all fundraising income, and to send out receipts for donations. We did not have accounting software back then, so I posted all the monthly accounting transactions to the general ledger by hand. Every entry in the four-inch-thick ledger book had to be added by calculator. The balance at the end had to equal zero or you had to look at all your postings to be sure your debits and credits were correct and add again.

Have I mentioned how much I love accounting software?

I was promoted to head bookkeeper — or Staff Accountant, as it is referred to today — in 1993, and that’s where I’ve been ever since. Among my responsibilities are maintaining the three major checking accounts (APS, Sales Division, and Internet Sales Unit); processing all Society disbursements; generating the AP display billing; and keeping track of payments. I also process all income and balance the accounts for the two national-level stamp shows that the APS organizes each summer and winter, the next one being StampShow 2009 in Pittsburgh. I pretty much process all other income and maintain the day-to-day operation accounts except for the Sales Division and APRL. I’ve also been given the wonderful opportunity to travel to two or three World Series of Philately shows a year for the past four or five years to represent the APS. I’ve enjoyed meeting many of our members and also recruiting some new ones. The APS is a terrific place to work, and we really are a family here.

I have been married to my husband Kirk for almost 23 years. We bleed Penn State blue and white and have season football tickets. I am also a New York Mets fan, which makes baseball season interesting in our house since my husband is a Philadelphia Phillies fan! We enjoy traveling, and we try to go someplace new every year. I collect cookbooks and love cooking and am lucky to have a husband who isn’t afraid to try new foods or anything I make.

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