06/24/2014 (P1745)
Contact: Judy Johnson

2013 CAC Newsletter Winners

The American Philatelic Society’s Chapter Activities Committee (CAC)  (www.stamps.org/CAC) has announced the winners in its 2013 Newsletter Competition. The newsletters submitted to the competitions by APS chapters will be on display at APS StampShow 2014, (www.stamps.org/Stampshow) August 21–24 in Hartford, Connecticut.

The purpose of the annual CAC competition is to spotlight stamp club and federation newsletter editors, to acknowledge their hard work on behalf of philately, and to publicize it within the philatelic community. In addition to the awards themselves, each submission receives a judges’ critique on the newsletter’s content and format, with suggestions for possible improvements.

The 2013 newsletters were judged by a panel of three APS-accredited literature judges who are experienced editors and writers. They were David E. Crotty, Richard E. Drews, and Elizabeth M. Hisey.

Class I (Single-Page Publications)
Perf. Dispatch (Greater Mound City Stamp Club), edited by Alan Barasch, St. Louis, MO
Philatelic Bulletin (Sarasota Philatelic Club), edited by Jack Seaman, Sarasota, FL

Class II (Multi-Page Publications)
Gold with Felicitations
Knoxville Philatelic Society News (Knoxville Philatelic Society), edited by Thomas W. Broadhead, Knoxville, TN
Stamping Around (Mid-Cities Stamp Club), edited by Peter Elias, Plano, TX

Hollywood Philatelist (Hollywood Stamp Club), edited by Enrique Setaro, Miami, FL
Stamping About Town (Charlottesville Stamp Club), edited by William W. Sihler, Keswick, VA
Philatelic Society of Lancaster County (Philatelic Society of Lancaster), edited by Paul Petersen, Lancaster, PA
The Westfield Philatelist (Westfield Stamp Club), edited by Frederick Skvara, Bridgewater, NJ

Calgary Philatelist (Calgary Philatelic Society), edited by Dale Speirs, Calgary, AB, Canada
Greater Augusta Stamp Club News (Greater Augusta Stamp Club), edited by Fred Danes, Augusta, GA
Milwaukee Philatelist (Milwaukee Philatelic Society, Inc.), edited by Carol Schutta, Milwaukee, WI
Palo Duro Philatelist (Palo Duro Philatelic Society), edited by John Abrams, Albuquerque, NM
Stamp Chatter (Sequoia Stamp Club), edited by Hank Washauer and Jim Gizcomazza, Redwood City, CA
The Philatelic Missive (Central Florida Stamp Club), edited by Francis Ferguson, Plymouth, Fl
The Postmaster (New Haven Philatelic Society), Campbell Buchanan, Branford, CT
The Ventura County Philatelic Society Newsletter (Ventura County Philatelic Society), edited by John Weigle, Ventura, CA
Wilkinsburg Stamp Club Newsletter (Wilkinsburg Stamp Club), edited by Thomas C. Reiff, Pittsburgh, PA

The Souvenir Sheet (Lincoln Stamp Club), edited by David Frye, Denton, NE

Class III (Federation)
Across the Fence Post (Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs), edited by Aimée Devine, Janesville, WI

The deadline for entries in the 2014 APS CAC Newsletter Competition — for newsletters produced in the year 2014 — is January 15, 2015. Entry forms are available in pdf format, at www.stamps.org/CAC/awards/newsletterentryform.pdf, or may be requested from Jane King Fohn, APS CAC Newsletter Competition Manager, 10325 Little Sugar Creek, Converse, TX 78109-2409. This information also is available online at the CAC website — www.stamps.org/CAC/a-awards.html