09/5/2014 (P1747)
Contact: Ken Martin

APS to Receive $1.3 Million Gift

The APS has been informed that it will soon receive approximately $1.3 million, the single largest gift in its history. Twenty-five year APS member Walter Weber of Bellingham, Washington, who passed away in May, designated the American Philatelic Society as the sole beneficiary of his IRA.  A private investor, Mr. Weber collected the stamps of the United States, Canada and Switzerland.  He was also particularly interested in Revenues.

Mr. Weber’s gift surpasses the estate of past APS president William Bauer who passed away in 2009 and left $1.2 million for the American Philatelic Society and American Philatelic Research Library.  Other major gifts to the APS and APRL have come from the estates of George Fisher of Langhorne, PA ($600,000 in 2004), Osborne Morse of Leawood, Kansas ($300,000 in 2001), and Horace Harrison of Ruxton Maryland ($300,000 in 2002).

Over 50 other individuals have expressed their love of the hobby and their belief of the importance of the APS and APRL by notifying the APS and APRL that have they included the organizations as a beneficiary of their IRA, estate or trust.  APS Executive Director Ken Martin is happy to work with interested donors and their accountants and attorneys to help find appropriate ways that members and others can support the APS/APRL and fulfill their personal goals.  Ken can be reached at 814-933-3817 or kpmartin@stamps.org.  Information on supporting the APS and APRL is also available at stamps.org/donate.

The American Philatelic Society is the nation’s largest organization for postage stamp collectors, with more than 31,000 members.  Members receive a 100-page full color monthly magazine, opportunities to buy and sell through the mail or over the internet, reduced rate services including educational courses and authentication of postage stamps, exclusive members-only offers, and full use of the American Philatelic Research Library including a growing body of digital content.