05/06/2009 (P1647)
Contact: Ken Martin

APS Trims Budget To Secure Its Future

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In March, the Boards of the American Philatelic Society and American Philatelic Research Library charged a joint Long Range Planning Committee with presenting a plan for an immediate spending reduction of at least $200,000 in 2009, with total recurring savings of at least $400,000 by 2010. At a special meeting May 6, APS and APRL staff were briefed on actions recommended by that Committee and enacted by the Boards to meet these goals and ensure a strong, bright, financially responsible future for the Society, the Library, and their members.

The first of these changes — elimination of the current Executive Director position formerly occupied by Peter Mastrangelo — was instituted April 1, at which time Ken Martin became APS Interim Executive Director. The Executive Director/Development travel budget also has been substantially reduced.

Many of the reductions impact staff, including the elimination of the organization's 4% pension contribution, elimination of traditional year-end bonuses, and a salary freeze on all staff through 2010. Board Member and Finance Committee travel reimbursements also have been eliminated.

Paid APS staffing will be eliminated at two-thirds of World Series of Philately shows, though volunteers may represent the Society at many of the shows that will not have an APS staffer in attendance. An APS staff representative will attend each WSP show at least every three years.

One of the biggest savings was the rate modification negotiated on principal and interest on the mortgage loan on the American Philatelic Center, which dropped substantially in April.

A final cutback was the elimination of APS Public Relations Manager, and the termination of Fred Baumann in that position effective May 8. Hired late in 2006, Baumann was responsible for press releases and photography, as well as promotion for the annual APS StampShow and AmeriStamp Expo philatelic exhibitions. Since late 2007, Baumann also prepared APS mini-albums, which will be continued after his departure.

“It has been a privilege to work with the many fine men and women at APS these last 30 months,” Baumann said. A member of the Society since 1984, and a former senior editor at Linn’s Stamp News and Stamp Collector, Baumann said, “I still plan to proudly pick up my 25 Year Membership pin at Summer Seminar next month.”

“Many collectors have told me they regard the opportunity to work at the American Philatelic Center as a dream job,” said Baumann. “Well, I did, and it was. I’m grateful to have had the chance to learn so much.

“I can only echo what Peter Mastrangelo said earlier: The Society is in good hands, with dedicated staff that serve the hobby with great skill, talent, and care. They deserve your support, and they have mine.”