04/30/2015 (P1761)

Stage Named New ‘American Philatelist’ Editorial Associate

The American Philatelic Society has hired Jeffrey Stage as its editorial associate. Stage will start in mid-May and will assist with the society's 104-page monthly The American Philatelist magazine, the library’s Philatelic Literature Review publication, and more, working with a team of three and an advisory board.

Stage previously worked for The Post-Standard and Herald-Journal in Syracuse, New York. During that time he penned an award-winning stamp collecting column for 18 years. In 1987, he received the Lidman prize from the Council of Philatelic Organizations for writing in a non-philatelic publication. In 2013, Stage published a philatelic mystery novel titled Chasing Jenny.
“We look forward working with Stage’s talents to engage our members, further promote the hobby, and reach out to new collectors through social media,” said American Philatelist editor Jay Bigalke.

"I consider it an honor to work for the APS. It combines my skills as a journalist with my all-time favorite hobby,” said Stage. “It couldn't be more perfect."

Stage has collected stamps since he was a child and was inspired by his older brother. It was the United States Overrun Nations flag series of stamps (Scott 902–921) of the 1940s that had him hooked. "Even though I was born after WWII, there was just something special about seeing those stamps honoring countries in need that touched my heart and my collecting soul," said Stage.

Like many collectors, Stage has varied collections he works on. Aside from collecting United States and Canada, his topical collections include coaches and buses and U.S. holiday and event covers, particularly those from the 1920s to 1940s. He is building a small worldwide collection, just with stamps that strike his fancy, including Ireland of the 1920s through the 1950s, Denmark’s Wavy Lines definitives and Italy’s Coins of Syracuse series.

The American Philatelist is the oldest continuously published philatelic journal in the world, the first issue having appeared in January 1887. For additional information on the publication, visit online at www.stamps.org/American-Philatelist.