APS Staff Update

Circuit Sales and Internet Sales Merging

In accomplishing one of the goals outlined in the 2016 APS/APRL Joint Strategic Plan, the APS will be merging the Circuit Sales and the Internet Sales Unit into the APS Sales Unit, effective November 1, 2016.  The merged sales operations will be led by Wendy Masorti, Director of Sales, currently the Director of Internet Sales, a position she has held since April 2015.  Masorti, in her role as Webmaster, has been overseeing the implementation of the new web-based circuit sales software. With the initial phase, information on purchases appears on member accounts.  The second phase, to be completed by mid-November, sellers will be able to see the status of their submitted books.  The new software will allow the APS Sales Unit to achieve more operational efficiency over time reducing the manual work done managing the circuit books process.  The previous software written in 2000 was not compatible with current computer operation systems, preventing critical updates to security and other support. With the introduction of the new system, the APS can move all member stamps sales operations together more closely under one director.

Launching the Ambassadors Program

Tom Horn, currently the Director of Circuit Sales will transition to Director of Special Projects.  In that role, Tom will be spearheading two efforts outlined in the 2016 APS/APRL Strategic Plan.  First, he will be working with the Membership Committee and our local chapters and affiliates to start up the Ambassadors program.  In August 2016, Membership Committee Chair Matt Liebson provided an overview of the program at the APS Board of Directors meeting in Portland, OR. Horn will be able to move quickly into the new role given his experience working with a large number of APS local chapters over the years.  Our Strategic Plan goals included more frequent contact with local chapters and affiliates and with this new role, the APS will be able to better connect with the philatelic grassroots. In addition, Horn will be working with the Expertizing team to do dealer and auction house outreach to market our APEX service and identify ways we can work more closely to grow the valuable expertizing service for our members.

Member Complaint Process

With Masorti’s expanded role over the APS Sales Unit, contact for member complaints will now be Tracy Young. Young joined the APS in December 2015 as a Membership Assistant and will be working closely with APS members, staff and the Board of Vice Presidents to help resolve member disputes and enforce the Code of Ethics.