04/06/2017 (P1780)

American Philatelic Society Announces
Dealer Advisory Council Results

Today, the American Philatelic Society released the results of the first-ever Dealer Advisory Council results. The APS Board of Directors created the Council at its December 6, 2016 meeting to:
Serve as an advisory group to the APS Board of Directors and staff on matters that impact the dealer community, including show locations, membership initiatives, and growth of the hobby.
The Council will be made up of: APS Vice President Trish Kaufmann, APS Dealer Representative Eric Jackson, Kim Kellerman (Rasdale Stamps), Roy DeLafosse (Roy E. DeLafosse, Ltd.), Irving Miller (Miller’s Stamp Company), Telah Smith (Telah W. Smith), Bob Sazama (Robert M. Sazama), and Jim Dempsey (A&D Stamp & Coins). Mark Reasoner, President, American Stamp Dealers Association and Dick Kostka, President, National Stamp Dealers Association will serve as ex officio members of the Council.
“Stamp dealers have a unique view within our hobby from recognizing market trends to building personal relationships with collectors of all walks,” said APS President Mick Zais, “They have invested in the long-term health of the hobby and on behalf of the Board, we thank the candidates for their leadership.”
APS Vice President Trish Kaufmann, the only dealer serving on the APS Board, will be the Chair of the Dealer Advisory Council. “The APS and its membership is one of the strongest forces in the health of the hobby. The Council will work to identify, prioritize, and offer specific recommendations to the Board to help improve the market,” Kaufmann stated.
“As a dealer, I want to thank the APS Board for taking several great steps to bring dealers to the table. It won’t be easy work, but I’m sure dealers are ready and able to do their part.” added APS Dealer Representative Eric Jackson.
The first meeting of the Council will be in May. Date and call-in information will be provided, along with an agenda and meeting minutes for APS members. For more information, contact Scott English, Executive Director at scott@stamps.org or 814-933-3814.

Nominees and Results

Ballots were sent electronically to every Dealer Member of the APS and 36 paper ballots were mailed to dealers who rely on traditional mail. The APS received 81 ballots back and the results follow:

Council Structure
The resolution creating the Dealer Advisory Council also includes the APS Dealer Representative to the APS Board of Directors, Eric Jackson and a member of the APS Board of Directors appointed by the President. Mick Zais has selected Trish Kaufmann, Vice President, to serve in this role. The Chair of the Council is selected among these two members.
The APS is also inviting the presidents of the American Stamp Dealers Association and National Stamp Dealers Association to serve as ex-officio members of the Council, meaning they will participate but do not have in matters of the Council. The current ASDA President is Mark Reasoner and the current NSDA President is Dick Kostka.