11/09/2009 (P1657)
Contact: Gretchen Moody

Preschool Postage Stamp Curriculum Project Expands

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Children Learn Through Postage Stamps, now in its second pilot year, is a curriculum project designed for preschool children, their teachers and families. Cheryl Edgcomb, CEO of Stamp Camp USA, and Gretchen Moody, Director of Education of the American Philatelic Society, developed the curriculum in conjunction with two Head Start program directors in Pennsylvania. The curriculum includes 28 lessons covering six learning domains meeting the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.

The first of two trainings, completed on October 12, 2009 for Head Start teachers in two northern Pennsylvania counties, brings the total for that area to 23 classrooms and 43 educators. The next training is December 16 with 14 more classroom teachers and their aides. Head Start supervisors also participate in the training.

Cheryl and Gretchen spoke to educators and parents at the state Early Childhood Education Summit conference in nearby State College, PA, October 25 and 26. This conference, titled "Securing Our Future Educating One Child at a Time," was co-sponsored by the Pennsylvania Child Care Association, The Office of Child Development & Early Learning, and the Pennsylvania Head Start Association. The philatelic booth was in a prime location across from the conference registration, the same hallway that led to the participants’ hotel rooms. The philatelic duo pointed out the benefits of using stamps: they are a low-cost resource; the stamps allow Head Start centers to fulfill two of their mandates (connecting school to the family and school to the community); and stamps used in classrooms deal with all subject areas. Often the response to their brief presentation was, "I never thought of that. It makes so much sense!"

The second day of the conference, gave participants a chance to "play with the stamps." A parent, who attended their presentation at the conference in Harrisburg last year, spent time at the booth the second day and attracted others with her enthusiasm. She also attended the APS StampShow in Pittsburgh with her daughter.

With many contacts made and a request for Cheryl and Gretchen to serve as conference presenters at next year’s after-school programs conference, it is plain that the preschool curriculum will have a large audience by the time it is published. The curriculum guide for this project will offer the services of two American Philatelic Society youth organizations — the All?Star Stamp Club and Young Stamp Collectors of America — as a long-term support, as well as the opportunity to host Stamp Camps through Stamp Camp USA. We hope to list APS-affiliated clubs, as well as show listings where teachers and families can obtain more philatelic material.