09/29/2010 (P1680)
Contact: Ken Martin

APS Approves New Appointments

The APS Board unanimously approved several appointments during its August 11 meeting.

Dealer Representatives: Roy DeLafosse and David Kols received the highest votes in a poll of APS dealers and were approved to replace Jim Dempsey, who earned some rest after more than six years as the APS Dealer Representative. Roy and David come in at a challenging time as the society implements the previously approved requalification of dealer members. They have the difficult job of trying to coalesce and share dealer views and of providing advice on future show locations.

FIP Traditional Commission: Past APS Board member Robert Odenweller, who has extensive prior experience working with the FIP, has graciously agreed to fill this position.

Technology Committee Chair: Part-time dealer Clark Frazier, freed of his full-time responsibilities at Microsoft, agreed to chair our Technology Committee. The Technology Committee reviews and evaluates technology-based opportunities that might allow the American Philatelic Society and American Philatelic Research Library to serve their presents members better and to make the hobby more attractive to new members.

Membership Recruitment and Promotion Committee Chair: A very important appointment is that of Steven Rod as the new chair for the Membership Recruitment and Promotion Committee. Even though Steve recently retired, he is transferring the chairmanship of the Board of Vice Presidents to Nick Lombardi so that he has more time to concentrate on ideas and strategies to help the society stop recent membership losses and begin growing again.

USPS Liaison and Liaison to the National Postal Museum: To use our limited resources most effectively, partnerships are critical to the APS and two current officers have agreed to serve as official liaisons. Past-President John Hotchner, who has been the APS official contact with the United States Postal Service for many years, asked to be replaced and will transfer those responsibilities to Janet Klug, another APS past president. Current APS president Wade Saadi, who also serves as Vice Chair for the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum Council of Philatelists, was approved as the Society’s first official representative to the NPM.