02/15/2011 (P1683)
Contact: Tara Murray

APRL Librarian Serves as Chair of Library Group

The American Philatelic Society and American Philatelic Research Library’s Director of Information Services/Librarian will serve as Chair of the Special Libraries Association’s Social Science Division for 2011. Tara Murray was elected by the Division’s membership in 2009 to serve a three-year term as Chair-elect, Chair, and Past Chair.

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners. SLA serves about 10,000 members in 75 countries in the information profession, including corporate, academic, and government information specialists. The Social Science Division (DSOC) was founded in 1923 as the Civics Group and is SLA’s second oldest division.

Murray has been active in SLA since 2001, and has previously held leadership positions in the Central Pennsylvania Chapter (now part of the Philadelphia Chapter) and DSOC. “SLA has helped me grow professionally, giving me access to education and training, local and global networks, and the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities,” she said. “The Social Science Division in particular has provided a wide variety of programming and the chance to get to know other information professionals in nonprofit research libraries.”

Murray officially began her term as DSOC Chair at SLA’s Leadership Summit in Washington, DC on Jan. 19, when she received the gavel from outgoing Chair Marilyn Bromley of BNA. She will preside over DSOC meetings and programs at SLA’s annual conference in Philadelphia in June.

The 12,500-square foot American Philatelic Research Library contains more than 20,000 book titles, more than 5,500 periodical titles, government documents, auction catalogues, philatelic exhibits, and several unique archives, including the Daniel Hines Air Mail Collection. The Library staff of four serve the public and also publish the quarterly Philatelic Literature Review with the APS Editorial Department.

The American Philatelic Research Library is a public nonprofit that relies heavily on donations of materials. Members of the APS and APRL may borrow materials directly through the mail and others may use the Library through interlibrary loan. Scholars are always welcome to do research on site.