06/13/2012 (P1706)
Contact: Judy Johnson

2011 CAC Stamp Show Program Competition Awards

The American Philatelic Society Chapter Activities Committee's (CAC) has announced the winners of the 2011 Stamp Show Program Competition. APS Chapter show program editors entered this competition not only for awards, but each received detailed critiques for their chapter's program. The evaluations gave praise for the areas well done, and suggestions for places that may be improved.

Judging the 2011 competition were Randy Neil (Shawnee Mission, KS) and Jay Stotts (Houston, TX), APS-accredited judges, and Albert Starkweather (Tampa, FL), a graphic designer and editor

The competition is divided into five classes: Class I is for single-page programs, Class II is multi-page and Class III includes multi-page programs from shows cosponsored either by an APS Chapter, a state federation, World Series of Philately show, a national or international show/bourse including those that combine stamps with other collectibles.

The five entries for the 2011 competition, which all received gold awards, are:

  1. Delpex, (Brandywine Valley Stamp Club), edited by John C. Graper, Wilmington, DE
  2. Huntspex, (Huntsville Philatelic Club), edited by Arthur J. Cole, Huntsville, AL
  3. National Topical Stamp Show, (American Topical Association), edited by Frederick C. Skvara, Bridgewater, NJ
  4. Napex (National Philatelic Exhibitions of Washington, DC, Inc.), edited by Douglas K Lehmann, Falls Church, VA
  5. Westpex, (Westpex, Inc.), edited by Kristin Patterson, San Francisco, CA.

The programs in this competition are available for study at home by requesting the 2011 Stamp Show Program Mail Circuit from Jane Fohn at the address below. The only expense is the priority mail postage to return them to Jane.

All APS Chapters with local and regional shows, and federations and WSP shows are invited to enter the 2012 CAC Stamp Show Program Competition. The prospectus and entry form may be found on the APS website. Only programs published in 2012 are eligible and the deadline for entries is January 15, 2013.

You also may request a prospectus/entry form from via e-mail or Jane Fohn, Manager, 10325 Little Sugar Creek, Converse, TX 78109-2409.

The Show Program competition is one of many services provided by the APC CAC for its 500 local clubs.