08/14/2012 (P1707)
Contact: Doris Wilson

The September AP Features "Afghanistan’s Foreign Relations Through Philately"

In the September issue of The American Philatelist we feature "Afghanistan’s Foreign Relations Through Philately" by Lawrence E. Cohen. Afghanistan’s relations with other countries during the second half of the twentieth century can be read through the designs chosen for their postal issues.

  • Reader Commentary — Mystery Postcards; An Explanation by Diane DeBlois. An overview of the late Victorian fad of incorporating postal designs into commercial tradecards.
  • 125th Anniversary of Organized Philately in Canada: 1887–2012 by Charles J.G. Verge. A history of the formation of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, beginning with the first call for action published in the June 1887 issue of The Halifax Philatelist.
  • Collecting Coast to Coast by Wayne Youngblood. All That’s Philatelic Is Not Stamped — Philatelic history can be represented by items that are neither stamped nor even have anything directly to do with mail delivery.
  • Every Cover Tells a Story by David Straight. The Demise of the Common Cup — A flattened paper drinking cup from 1911 serves as both a personal message and a window into the history of public health.
  • Visiting the British Empire by Noel Davenhill. Cayman Islands — A dependency of Jamaica until 1962 and now a Crown Cayman Islands A dependency of Jamaica until 1962 and now a Crown Colony, this small group of Caribbean islands lies between Cuba and Jamaica.
  • Worldwide in a Nutshell by Bob Lamb. Republic of Cypress — The island of Cyprus is rigidly divided between Turkish and Greek enclaves with only the Greek Cypriot administration being recognized by the international community. The American Philatelist, the monthly magazine published by the American Philatelic Society, showcases and celebrates the stamp hobby on behalf of 34,000 members in 110 countries. The American Philatelic Society, founded in 1886, is the national stamp collecting organization of the United States.