09/18/2012 (P1711)
Contact: Barb Boal

The October AP Features "Chesapeake Gold: Baltimore's Oyster Industry"

In the October issue of The American Philatelist we feature "Chesapeake Gold: Baltimore's Oyster Industry" by Bob Coale. Once the heart of a huge industry, the humble oyster would feature on an astounding number of advertising covers throughout the nineteenth century. Also included in this issue are: 

Telstar; A Philatelic History by Don Hillger, Gary Toth, and Sig Bette. The communications satellite Telstar-1 made history when it was launched in 1962 and continues to inspire philatelic items.

Compound Interest Multi-Value Postal Stationery by Chad Neighbor. Postally used compound stationery items can intrigue the postal historian for their reflection of changing rates and services. 

British Postal Stationery Cut-Outs and Early Stamp Dealer Mail by Michael Peach. Embossed or impressed stamps can be cut from postal stationery and used like adhesive stamps in Great Britain and some other countries.

Worldwide in a Nutshell by Bob Lamb. Kingdom of Norway — Once home to Viking raiders, by the 14th century Norway came under the control first of Denmark and then Sweden before regaining its independence in 1905.