01/24/2013 (P1718)
Contact: Doris Wilson

Winning Exhibits at APS AmeriStamp Expo 2013

Mark Schwartz received
his award from Wade
Saadi, APS President.

Jay Bigalke received
his award from Wade Saadi.

Attendees of the American Philatelic Society’s winter stamp show, AmeriStamp Expo 2013, held January 18–20 in Louisville, Kentucky, were treated to a spectacular array of exhibits.

Mark S. Schwartz won the Single Frame Champion of Champions Award for his showing of “Ship Letters Sent Along the Trade Routes of Salem, Mass. 1787–1837.” Schwartz’s entry qualified at Aripex 2012 and was judged the best of the single-frame exhibits that had been shown at national shows throughout the United States and Canada in 2012.

The Most Popular Champion of Champions award went to “Springfield, USA,” shown by Jay Bigalke. Bigalke’s exhibit won the Most Popular award at Americover 2012.

The AmeriStamp Expo Single-Frame Grand Award went to “Early Contract Steamship Mail Between Charleston, Savannah and Cuba” by Yamil H. Kouri Jr. This exhibit also received the American Philatelic Society Research Medal. Two Single-Frame Reserve Grand Awards and Gold medals were presented to: “Indian Postal Stationery for the Boxer Rebellion” (which also won the Indian Study Circle Award) by Sandeep Jaiswal and “Pineapples” (which also won the American Topical Association Single Frame Merit Award) by Philip J. Stager.

Janet R. Klug won the Multi-frame Grand Award for “British Commonwealth Anti-Communist Actions in the Jungles of Malaya 1948–1960.” Her exhibit also won the Military Postal History Society Award.

The Multi-frame Reserve Grand and a Gold Award went to “Woody Guthrie: His Life and His Songs” shown by Stephen L. Suffet.

Honors for Best Postcard award and a Gold medal went to “Mine to Mill — Part One” by Phillip J. Stager.

David McNamee, Jury
Chairman, presented Janet
Klug her award.

Wade Saadi presented
Sandeep and Deepak Jaiswal
the Team Award.

The “India Study Circle White Team” won the team award. Winning exhibits were “Underpaid Airmail from India” by Jeffrey Brown, “India 1929 First Airmail Stamps & Postal Stationery” by Pradip Jain, “Sangli State Court Fee Adhesives” by Prem Chand Jaiswal, “The 1854 Issues of India” by Deepak Jaiswal, and “Indian Postal Stationery for the Boxer Rebellion” by Sandeep Jaiswal.

The National Stamp Dealers Association sponsored the Most Popular award for the open competition. The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors sponsored the Single-Frame Champion of Champion, Single-Frame Grand, two Single-Frame Reserve Grand awards, and the remaining special show awards.

The complete exhibit results for all who took part in APS AmeriStamp Expo 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, are available on the APS website at www.stamps.org/AmeriStamp-Expo-APS.

The next Single-Frame and Most Popular Champion of Champions competitions will be held at APS AmeriStamp Expo 2014.