03/12/2013 (P1723)
Contact: Ken Martin

The American Philatelic Society Bylaw Amendment

The American Philatelic Society recently announced that it would begin searching for candidates to fill a new leadership position. In conjunction with, and as a complement to, consideration of the current and future leadership needs of the APS, on February 6, 2013 the APS Board of Directors unanimously passed a motion to amend the bylaws. These proposed changes have been developed, upon recommendation by the Society’s attorney, to supplement the Board’s ongoing efforts in strategic and long range planning. The amendments result in clearer policies regarding management, authority and accountability of the management to the Board.

As this is a "personnel and matters of employment issue." all meetings were conducted in Executive Session as per our Open Meetings policy; see www.stamps.org/Open-Meetings.

As bylaw changes are customarily included with the election ballot, the proposed amendments will appear in the May issue of The American Philatelist for consideration by the membership. However, the proposed bylaws are available at www.stamps.org/userfiles/file/election/Bylaw-changes-021113.pdf

For additional information contact Wade Saadi at wade@pencom.com; 93 80th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209.