06/03/2013 (P1726)
Contact: Ken Martin

APS 2013 Election Results

The members of the American Philatelic Society have elected a new slate of officers for the 2013–2016 term. The results of the election were announced Monday, June 3, 2013. 4,710 ballots were received of which 4,695 were valid.

Stephen Reinhard, New York, was elected as president and received 4,150 votes. Others received 49 votes.

For the three-member board of vice presidents, Alex Haimann, Missouri; Yamil Kouri, Massachusetts; and, Mick Zais, South Carolina, were elected with a total of 2,987 votes. The other slate of candidates, Mark Banchik, New York, Ronald Lesher, Maryland, and William Schultz, Pennsylvania, received 1,502 votes. Others received 10 votes.

For secretary Ken Grant, Wisconsin, was re-elected with 4,185 votes. 11 votes were cast for others. For treasurer, Ken Nilsestuen, Ohio, was elected with 4,170 votes. Others received 7 votes for treasurer.

Five candidates ran for four director-at-large positions. Elected to those four positions were Kristin Patterson, California, 3,665 votes; Steve Zwillinger, Maryland, 3,585 votes; Nicholas A. Lombardi, New Jersey, 3,312 votes; W. Danforth Walker, Maryland, 2,729 votes. Edgar Hicks, Nebraska, the final candidate for director-at-large received 2,609 votes. Others received 37 votes.

Elected by APS members to serve a three-year term as a trustee of the American Philatelic Research Library was Rob Haeseler, Pennsylvania who garnered 2,537 votes. Other candidates for the three-year term were Alfredo Frohlich, Florida, 1,048 votes and Robert L. Markovits, Massachusetts, 807 votes. Others received 7 votes.

Elected by APS members to serve a six-year term as a trustee of the American Philatelic Research Library was Charles Wooster, Ohio who garnered 2,336 votes. Gary W. Loew, New Jersey, the other candidate for a six-year term, received 1,855 votes. Others received 9 votes.

The proposed bylaw changes were defeated. 2,995 votes were cast against with 1,568 votes in favor.

The new slate of APS officers will be installed at the conclusion of the Society’s General Membership Meeting, scheduled for 9 a.m., Saturday August 10, 2013, during the American Philatelic Society’s 127th Annual Convention and StampShow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.