09/17/2013 (P1734)
Contact: Ken Martin

APS Recognizes Volunteers

Nicholas Carter Volunteer Awards are given by the American Philatelic Society to recognize hard-working individuals who contribute their talents, time, and energies to benefit stamp collecting. This year’s awards were presented at the General Membership Meeting at StampShow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 10. Each recipient received a pin, a certificate of appreciation, and many thanks from a grateful membership for a job well done.

The 2013 winners are:
National Promotion/Service
Mark Anderson, Elizabeth M. Hisey, Irving R. Miller, and William R. Schultz

Local Promotion/Service
Jacquelyn S. Alton, Alan R. Barasch, Ellengail Buethel, Lucy Eyster, Calvin (Dick) Osman, Robert G. Rufe, Kathy Schaeffer, Jack Seaman, David Stanbury, and May Day Taylor

Outstanding Young Adult Philatelist (Ages 25–40)
Michael Mules

Outstanding Young Philatelist (Ages 15–24)
David McKinney

2014 Nominees Sought
Volunteers selflessly contribute their time, talents, and labor to efforts and enterprises that benefit their fellow philatelists. The Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards highlight these priceless contributions and celebrate those who do so much for us all and whose efforts enrich the hobby in so many ways. Indeed, if you have ever visited a stamp show, enjoyed an exhibit, had a question answered or a cup of coffee at a stamp club meeting, or been taught the fundamentals of the hobby en route to a merit badge, you have benefitted from the generous efforts of volunteers.

These awards require at least five years of service. APS membership is not required. APS board members, staff, and Luff Award winners are not eligible. National Promotion/Service Award winners cannot subsequently win the Local Promotion/Service Award, and each award can be won only once.

Do you know a deserving volunteer? Nominate this person for a Nicholas Carter Volunteer Recognition Award by providing their name and contact information, the nominator’s information, length of service and positions the nominee has held with local clubs, philatelic organizations and shows, including mentoring, promotion and leadership roles. Don’t forget to cite evidence of the nominee’s excellence, initiative, and persistence. Nominations must be received by December 15, 2013 for consideration of candidates to be awarded at next year’s APS StampShow.

A nomination form is available online at www.stamps.org/volunteer-recognition-awards or by calling 814-933-3803. Completed nomination forms may be sent to APS Awards Nominations, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823, by fax to 814-933-6128, or by e-mail to Ken Martin at kpmartin@stamps.org.