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Booth assignments are currently being made. However, reservations for additional booths will be accepted as long as space remains.

Read more information and reserve your space today.


Show dealers will be eligible for reduced rate advertising in the June and/or July issues of the American Philatelist as well as a discount on advertising in the show program.

List of participating dealers as of 05/14/2018 .

Booth #
A & D Stamps and Coins
Walnut Creek, CA
U.S., Canada, Worldwide, U.N.
A to Z Stamps
Tempe, AZ
Comprehensive USA, Comprehensive Worldwide, Dead Countries & Colonies, Appraisals
Abacus Auctions
Melbourne, Australia
Public Auctions, Australia, British Commonwealth, Asia
West Sand Lake, NY
U.S. Covers, Postal Documents, Ephemera, Maps
David Alex
Glenview, IL
United States Mint, United States Revenues, United States Used, United States Back-of-the-Book
Dave Allego
Salem, OH
Worldwide Covers, Ephemera, Picture Postcards, Cinderellas
A-One Coverz
Elyria, OH
WW Postal History, WW Revenues on Document, Cinderella,
Bardo Stamps
Buffalo Grove, IL
U.S. #1 to Date, , ,
Bill Barrell Ltd.
Grantham UK
British Commonwealth Postal History, Great Britain Postal History, Great Britain Stamps,
Bejjco of Florida, Inc.
Temple Terrace, FL
U.S. and Worldwide Stamps, U.S. and Worldwide Postal History, U.S. Back-of-Book, British Commonwealth
Big Lick Stamps
Oakboro, NC
Worldwide Covers, U.S. Covers, Collections
Fred Boatwright
Hawk Point, MO
Worldwide Postal History, Thematics, Zeppelins, Germany
C & D Philatelics
Ruby, VA
Worldwide Covers, Postal History, Navals, Topics
Carolina Stamp & Coin
Charlotte, NC
Confederate States, Post Cards, Southern Postal History, First Day Covers
The Classic Collector
Ottawa, Ont., Canada
Rare and Classic World Stamps and Covers, Expertization-World, Classic Stamps of the World, Pre-1940
The Classic Philatelist-Warren Manning
Crossville, TN
U.S. Classic Postage Stamps 1840-1940, CSA, U.S. Back of Book, Revenues & Proofs
Coast Philatelics
Costa Mesa, CA
U.S. and Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, Worldwide Covers, Topicals
Universal Stamps
Rockville, MD
U.S., British Commonwealth, Worldwide Stamps, Autographs
Collectors Exchange
Orlando, FL
Great Britain, Trans-Atlantic Mail, Postal History,
Colonial Stamp Company
Los Angeles, CA
British Empire 1840-1935, German Colonies & Offices, Rare Stamps of the World, Buying Stamps of the World
Santa Fe, NM
British Commonwealth, Postal History, Worldwide Covers, United States Covers
Connoisseur Stamps and Collectibles, Inc.
Chicago, IL
Classics, German Empire, Worldwide, Appraisals
Coverman (Dollar)
Oceanside, NY
U.S. Postal History, Topicals on Covers, Worldwide Postal History, Picture Post Cards
Oceanside, NY
Worldwide Postal History, Topicals on Covers, U.S. Postal History, Picture Post Cards
D & P Stamps
Chula Vista, CA
Portugal and Colonies, France and Colonies, British Colonies, Latin America and Worldwide
Davidson's Stamp Service
Indianapolis, IN
New Issues, Supplies, Appraisals,
Dean Stamps
Utica, OH
Quality Grade U.S., , ,
Roy E. DeLafosse, Ltd.
Tucker, GA
United States, Appraisals, Booklets, Plate Blocks
Dick Smith Stamps
Middlesex, NJ
German Area, Propaganda Cards, Concentration camp material,
DK Enterprise
Silverdale, WA
Postal History, Revenues, Military/Naval/Censored, Appraisals
Dutch Country Auctions
Wilmington, DE
Free Appraisals, U.S. and WW sets/singles, Auction Consignments Accepted, All Philatelic Materials including Covers
Engler Stamps
Allentown, PA
U.S., Plate Number Coils (PNC's), Plate Blocks, Federal Ducks
George Enstrom, Ltd.
Byron, IL
U.S. #1-679, British Commonwealth, B.O.B C's to Q's, Private Perfs
Carmel, IN
WW Postal Hisotyr, Latin America, Europe, United Nations Proofs
Beaufort, NC
Postcards, Worldwide Covers, Postal History, Stamp Boxes
Farrell Stamps
Brookfield, IL
Worldwide, Collections, Appraisals, U.S.
Fox River Stamps
Salem, WI
United States Mint Sheets, U.S. Revenues/ B.O.B., Plate Number Coils,
France International
Gibsonia, PA
Thematic Specialties, , ,
Richard Friedberg
Meadville, PA
U.S. Revenue Stamps & Documents, Pre 1940 U.S. Stamps, U.S. Telegraph Stamps,
Fusco Auctions
Willoughby, OH
Auctions, Postcards, Collections, Philatelic Literature
Geezer's Tweezers (Dollar)
Baltimore, MD
Foreign Covers, U.S. FDC, U.S. Covers, Foregn FDC
Geezer's Tweezers
Baltimore, MD
U.S. Covers, U.S. FDC, Foreign Covers, Foregn FDC
Wayne R. Gehret (Dollar/Quarter)
Ephrata, PA
U.S. Mint Sheets, Discount Postage, Covers, Box Lots
Wayne R. Gehret
Ephrata, PA
U.S. Mint Sheets, Discount Postage, Covers, Box Lots
Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc.
Middletown, NY
United States, Worldwide, Aerophilately and Zeppelins, Europe
Global Philatelic Associates
Vandalia, OH
U.S. Postal History, U.S. Postal Stationary, Confederate Postal History, Collections
Gold Path, Inc. (Dollar)
Carmel, IN
U.S. Postal History, Worldwide Postal History, Asia, China, U.S. FDC
David Grossblat
Phoenix, AZ
U.S. Covers & Postal History, Worldwide Covers & Postal History, Monaco & Andorra, Zeppelins
Guterman Stamps
Dayton, OH
U.S. Revenues, U.S., U.S. Telegraphy/Telephone,
Harmer-Schau Auction
Petaluma, CA & Portland, OR
Public Auctions, Worldwide, Worldwide,
Labron Harris
Glen Echo, MD
U.S. Postal History, Worldwide Postal History, ,
HB Philatelics
Florissant, MO
Quality United States Graded 80-100, Proofs and Essays, Federal and State Hunting Permits, Revenues
Hilltop Stamp Service (Dollar)
Wooster, OH
Foreign Covers, Commercial Covers, United States Covers, First Day Covers
Hugh Wood, Inc.
New York, NY
Insurance, , ,
Hunt & Co.
Austin, TX
United States, Collections, British Commonwealth, Worldwide
Israel Philatelic Agency/IGPC
Brooklyn, N.Y
Israel New Issues, Israel Collection, Israel FDC, Israel Appraisals
Eric Jackson
Leesport, PA
U.S. Revenue Stamps, U.S. Telegraph Stamps, U.S. Back of the Book, Canada Revenue Stamps
Carl Jaekel
Sharonville, OH
General Foreign, Postal History, Belgium,
JP Philatelics
Salt Lake City, UT
Scandinavia, Worldwide, U.S., British Commonwealth
Patricia A. Kaufmann
Lincoln, DE
Confederate States Stamps & Postal History, , ,
Kay & Company
Bend, OR
British Commonwealth, India and States, Australia, British Africa
Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions
Danbury, CT
Free Appraisals, Asain Stamps and Covers, US Stamps and Covers,
John L. Kimbrough
Benbrook, TX
Confederate States, , ,
James E. Lee
Oak Brook, IL
U.S. Essays & Proofs, U.S. 19th Century Postal History, U.S. Fancy Cancels,
Leonard Stamps
North Bethesda, MD
Postal History, The Unusual/Unlisted, Revenues, Topicals
Linn's Stamp News/ Amos Media
Sidney, OH
Stamp News, Stamp Catalogs, Stamp Collecting Supplies,
Malcom's Antiques
Good Hope, GA
U.S. Revenues, U.S. Plate Blocks, U.S. Back of the Book,
Markest Stamp Co., Inc.
Lynbrook, NY
Buying and Selling U.S. and W/W stamps and coins, U.S. Singles and Sheets, Rare Stamps, Postage
Maryland Stamps & Coins
Bethesda, MD
U.S., Worldwide, British Colonies, Stamp Supplies
MCXI Philatelics
Libertyville, IL
Worldwide, Colonies, British Commonwealth, Europe
Miley Stamps
Bloomfield Hills, MI
United States Stamp, United States Covers, Worldwide Stamps, Worldwide Covers
Miller's Stamp Company
Waterford, CT
U.S. Singles and Plate Blocks, U.S. Zeppelin Stamps & Covers, Federal & State Duck Stamps, Free Appraisals
Mountainside Stamps and Coins
Mountainside, NJ
United States Stamps and Covers, Europe Stamps and Covers, British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers, Asian Stamps and Covers
Newport Harbor Stamp Co.
Newport Beach, CA
U.S. Classics, Plate Blocks, Errors,
Old Bethpage, NY
Nordic Postal Agency, Faroe, Iceland, Norway
Oceanview Stamp Company
Huntington Beach, CA
U.S.A. Stamps, U.S. Plate Blocks, British Commonwealth Stamps,
Pack-Rat Covers
Oshtemo, MI
U.S. Naval and Military Covers, Topical Covers, U.S. Postal History, U.S. Town Cancels
Denny Peoples
Indianapolis, IN
U.S. and Foreign Covers, U.S. Revenues, Ephemera, Xmas Seals
Philatelic Stamp Authentication and Grading, Inc.
Melbourne, FL
U.S., Canada, Expertizing, Back-of-Book
Kenneth A. Pitt Postal History
Panama City Beach, FL
U.S.& Worldwide Covers, Collections, Post Cards, U.S. and Foreign FDC
Gary Posner, Inc.
Rockville Centre, NY
U.S. Mint, U.S. Plate Blocks, U.S. Used, U.S. EFO's
Professional Stamp Experts
Henderson, NV
Grading and Expertizing, , ,
Quality Philatelics
Newport Beach, CA
Asia, Europe, Appraisals, Worldwide
R.G. Stamps
Biggs, CA
Postal History, U.S. Covers, Post Cards, Foreign Covers
Rail Philatelist
Colorado Springs, CO
Train Topicals, Cinderellas, Postcards, Postal History
Chris Rainey
Swindon, Great Britain
Postal History, British Commonwealth, ,
Rasdale Stamp Company
Chicago, IL
Auctions, Collections, Lots, Worldwide,
RASLAD Enterprises
Gallup, NM
Pre-1940 Worldwide Stamps, Colonies-Br., Fr., Ger., Sp., Port., Belg., Neth., "Dead" Countries, US/Canada
Mark Reasoner
Columbus, OH
U.S., Postal History, Worldwide, Collections, Lots
REW Stamps-Coins, LLC
Augusta, NJ
U.S., Western Europe, Worldwide,
The Right Stamp Co.
Austin, TX
Texas Postal History, Polar Covers, Worldwide Stamps,
Rising Sun Stamps
Marshalls Creek, PA
China, Japan, Asia, WW Cover
Robertson Tracy Enterprises
Glendale, CA
U.S. Classics & Most BOB, Japan/Ryukyu, Falkland Islands, Pitcairn Islands
Roy's Stamps
St. Catharines, ONT, Canada
Canada and Provinces Stamps and Covers, British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers, ,
Randy Scholl Stamp Company
Cincinnati, OH
United States, Collections, Worldwide, Stamp Appraisals
Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries

Auctions, United States, Worldwide, Postal History
Stamp Smith
Kansas City, MO
Stamps Organized by Topic, Stamps and Covers, U.S. and Worldwide,
Jay Smith & Associates
Snow Camp, NC
Scandinavia, U.S., Worldwide, Europe
Telah W. Smith
Ashland, OH
Worldwide Stamps, Central America, South America, British Machins
Smyth's Stamp Shoppe
Onalaska, WI
New Issues- Stamps and SS Worldwide, Topicals Worldwide, ,
Spink USA
New York, NY
Public Auctions, United States, Appraisals, Latin America
Stamp Art
Lincoln City, OR
Worldwide, U.S., Plate Blocks, Topics
Stamp Center of Texas
Boerne, TX
Better Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, WW Souvenir Sheets,
Stamps 'n' Stuff
West Des Moines, IA
Face Sheets, U.S., Worldwide A to Z,
Coppell, TX
US/WW Classics and Modern, Scandinavia Stamps, Booklets, Covers, Penny Blacks 100+ Quality Copies, Petroleum Topical Including 19C Adv. Covers
Sterling Stamps
Brighton, MI
Collections/Lots, Auctions, Worldwide, United States
Schau-Stickney Postal History
Parker, CO - Petaluma, CA
Worldwide Postal History, Russia and Baltics, British, China
James F. Taff
Sacramento, CA
German Areas, United States, British Colonies, French Colonies
Stephen T. Taylor
Surbiton, England
U.S. Postal History, Confederate State Postal History, U.S. Possesions Postal History, U.S. Postal Stationary
Don Tocher, U.S. Classics
Boulder, CO
U.S. Classic Postal History, Aux. Markings, Civil War- WWII Postal History,
Toga Associates
Fairfield, CT
British Empire, Bermuda, Australia, Collections
Tom's Stamps
Butler, PA
U.S. Classics M & O to Kans. And Nebr., Postage, ,
Triple "S" Postal History
Urbana, OH
Worldwide Covers, Postal History, Postal Stationary, U.S. Covers
United Nations Postal Administration
New York, NY
United Nations, , ,
Vance Auctions Ltd.
Smithville, ONT, Canada
Auctions, British Commonwealth, Canada and Provinces, Worldwide Covers
Village Stamp & Coin
Zionsville, IN
U.S., Worldwide Collections, ,
Vogt Stamps Hawaii
Burlingame, CA
Hawaiian Stamps, Hawaiian Covers, Hawaiian Documents, Hawaiian Coins
Weisz Stamps and Covers
New Orleans, LA
Postal History, U.S. Stamps, First Day Covers, Flights
Worldwide Philatelics
Kansas City, MO
Worldwide, USA BoB, USA, Worldwide Covers
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