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"Thank you for pre-registering for StampShow 2018. Pre-Registration will close on July 15, 2018.

.pdf registration also available.

Names of Adults Attending:
Names of Children Attending:
Email Address:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Zip Code/Postal Code:
Is any member of your household a member of the American Philatelic Society?
      YES       NO
       If YES, provide APS number if known
Is any member of your household a member of the American Topical Association?
      YES       NO
Are you a stamp collector, or do you have an interest in collecting?
      YES       NO
Would you be interested in joining a stamp club to help you with the hobby?
      YES       NO

Where will you stay during the show?
      Home    With Friends or relatives    Hotel/Motel/B&B    Other

How did you travel to this show? (If by car, how many miles?)
      Car    Air    Bus    Train    Other
      <50 mi.    51-99 mi.    100-199 mi.    200-499 mi.    500+mi.

How did you hear about the show?

Billboard     Newspaper Stamp Dealer  
Friend     Postcard/Poster Stamp Publication    
Internet     Radio    American Philatelic Soc.    
Magazine      Stamp Club     Other        

I/We plan to attend:
      1 day     2 days     3 days     4 days  

Tell us about yourselves.

      Total:          # Adults           # Youth

      Gender:       # Males           # Females

      Ages:    <12     13-25     26-49     50-65     66+

I would like to help at the show. Please contact me about volunteer opportunities.
      YES       NO
       If you are volunteering and would prefer to be contacted by phone,
       please provide a daytime phone number
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