Remember Me
September 2013 Snap Shots
Omaha Stamp Show
September 7-8

Opening Ceremony.


The APS table is manned by Scott Tiffney, APRL Reference Assistant.

The exhibit area.


The dealers.

Greater Houston Stamp Show
September 20-22

Registration Area.


Attendees look at the exhibits.

The bourse area.


The USPS booth.

National Postal Museum Gross Gallery Opening

September 21

Adults making covers in one of the workshops offered.


Youth activities.

Attendees gathering Sunday morning.


One of the walls.

"Collect Your Favorites" – lets you form a collection and have the stamps e-mailed to you.


An example of a "pull out" frame.

Teacher Open House hosts Stamps Teach at the National Postal Museum

September 27

Mr. Zip has something for Gretchen Moody, APS Director of Education, in his mail bag.


Lisa Cutchin, a pilot teacher for Stamp Teach, poses with Gretchen and is excited to hear about the launch of Stamps Teach Plus.


Gretchen Moody, Director of Education, presents Kathy Shaffer her Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Award for Local Promotion/Service.


Gretchen Moody gives a program, at the APC, for high school students from northern Pennsylvania.

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