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38th Annual Summer Seminar on Philately

American Philatelic Center • Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
June 25 – 30, 2017

Summer Seminar on Philately, a once-a-year opportunity for learning more about your favorite hobby and spending time with others who share your passion!

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Distinguished Philatelist: Patricia “Trish” Kaufmann has been named the 2017 Summer Seminar Distinguished Philatelist! This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated dedication, leadership, and commitment to the hobby. Trish will be recognized for her philatelic achievements at a banquet in her honor on Thursday, June 29, 2017. (click read Trish's bio)

4-Day Courses

(Monday through Thursday)

A Journey through United States PhilatelyLynn Batdorf & Rodney Juell
Travel down the highway of U.S. philately from its earliest origins to present day; using the new publication, Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting, Second Edition, as your road map.  Course Description   Instructor Bios

CLASS IS FULL  The Art of Exhibit Preparation: Start to FinishSteven Zwillinger
Can stamps tell a story? Find out how to arrange, display and describe philatelic material to tell a coherent and engaging story.  Course Description   Instructor Bio

EFO-CSI: Understanding EFOs and How they Relate to YouWayne L. Youngblood
Investigate the fascinating world of postal blunders. Become a stamp detective; as you look for fake errors, determine cause and evaluate items for potential significance.  Course Description
Instructor Bio

Mastering Postal History: How to Read and Interpret a CoverGary Wayne Loew
Each cover tells a story. Reveal rates, routes, and historical details while deciphering and evaluating cover markings.  Course Description   Instructor Bio

U.S. ExpertizingIrv Miller
Reference collections and libraries are important tools to utilize when identifying stamps. Develop evaluation skills needed for detecting faults, alterations, fakes and forgeries.  Course Description   Instructor Bio

United States Taxpaid Revenues: The Forthcoming Springer Catalog,
11th Edition
Ron Lesher
Explore the specialty-area of taxpaid revenue stamps. Learn about the stamps used in the taxation of tobacco, spirits, margarine, butter, meat, and more.  Course Description   Instructor Bio

2-Day Courses


Introduction to AstrophilatelyDavid S. Ball, RPSL
Space, the final frontier. Experience the conquest of space while exploring space-event postmarks, cachets, and autographs.  Course Description   Instructor Bio

CLASS IS FULL  Introduction to ExhibitingSteven Zwillinger
Take a step-by-step journey through the basics of exhibiting. Develop an understanding of how to arrange, display and describe philatelic material to tell a coherent story.  Course Description   Instructor Bio

CLASS IS FULL  Collecting from a German ViewpointKeith Stupell
Discover a variety of methods for collecting. Uncover numerous practical possibilities for organizing a collection. Elevate your collecting skills during an immersion into German philately.
Course Description   Instructor Bio

2-Day Courses


Early Great Britain Line Engraved Stamps & Postal History: An IntroductionDoug McGill
Why did penny blacks evolve into penny reds, and then to penny stars? Discover the answer to this question, and more, during this study of GB line engraved stamps.  Course Description  Instructor Bio

CLASS IS FULL  Intermediate ExhibitingSteven Zwillinger
Acquire a toolbox of techniques and methods that can be used to improve a stamp exhibit; including the development of an effective title page and compelling exhibit synopsis.  Course Description  Instructor Bio

CLASS IS FULL  Introduction to Confederate Stamps & Postal HistoryPatricia (Trish) Kaufmann
How did the Civil War impact the handling of the mails? Identify Confederate General Issue stamps and common Confederate fakes and facsimiles during this introductory study.  Course Description  Instructor Bio

CLASS IS CANCELED  Zeppelins and the United StatesCheryl R. Ganz
What role did zeppelins play in U.S. postal transport? Engage in a study of stamps and mail related to rigid, semi-rigid, and non-rigid airships.  Course Description  Instructor Bio

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