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Using the APS Slide/Video Library
Ordering Programs:

How do I order and schedule programs?

  • Use our online Slide/Video Listing Index to choose the slide programs you are interested in viewing.
  • Once you find one, use the "Request Availability" button, or download and print a request form. A further option is to call (814) 933-3803 ext. 238 to speak to our Slide Program Coordinator, Janet Houser.
  • Note that an individual APS member must be responsible for receiving and promptly returning all programs.
  • The cost is $8.50 for each program.
  • A confirmation will be sent listing the program titles you requested and the corresponding dates they are to be shown.

How far in advance should I make my request?

  • Programs are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid disappointment, requests should be made on a timely basis - ideally, several months in advance of the first viewing date desired.
  • While we do make an effort to accommodate last-minute requests and “emergencies,” such requests result in much higher charges to your club because a faster class of mail must be used with higher postage fees! Thus, it is to your advantage to plan ahead!
Showing a Program:

How do I set up a slide program for viewing?

  • First of all, be sure you are meeting in a room that can be darkened for showing the program.
  • You will need:
    • Slide projector that will accommodate a Kodak Transvue 80-slide carousel
    • Screen or white wall upon which to project.
  • To use the audio tape for the narration:
    • Cassette tape player (A typed script is included in case you do not have access to a tape player or if you like to move along at your own pace by having someone read the script aloud.)
  • Note: It is a good idea to test your equipment before the meeting, to avoid "technical difficulties" in the midst of your program. (Some clubs run through the entire program the day before the meeting.)
  • FINALLY, begin by projecting “Slide 1” onto the screen or wall. If using the accompanying audio tape, press "Play" at this time. Throughout the program, a "ding" will prompt you when it is time to advance to the next slide.

What about the long introductory part of the tape?

  • These comments are designed for infrequent users or for groups that will have new people in attendance. If you wish, simply advance the cassette tape to the program’s introduction before starting your presentation; also, advance the slide carousel to Slide 3 (the title slide).
Returning a Program:

What do I do after my club has viewed a program?

To avoid causing problems and scheduling delays for other borrowers, you must mail the program within 24 hours of your club’s viewing!

  • Complete the Slide Program Report Sheet that came with the program, noting any problems you may have encountered. Enclose it with the program.
  • Rewind and remove the cassette tape from the tape player.
  • Replace the slide carousel, cassette tape, and written script into the white box; put the white box into the outer brown mailing box; tear off the old mailing label and be sure to remove any USPS bar-coded labels that may also be on the outer box.
  • Moisten and apply the pre-addressed mailing label that was enclosed with the program (complete with postage). This label will be addressed either to the APRL or the next club scheduled to view the program.
  • Tape the outer box shut. (Twice around the box with strapping tape works well).
  • Then, simply drop the program into a mailbox or take it to a postal window clerk, if you prefer.
    (Additional postage is not necessary.)
If Your Meeting is Canceled:

Call us at 814-933-3803 ext. 238

Sometimes a program can be retrieved before it is mailed, and we can save your club the charge for that program. HOWEVER, many of these programs are mailed as far as 3 or 4 weeks in advance of a club’s meeting date; thus, in many cases they cannot be retrieved.

For last-minute cancellations: Depending upon how tightly that program is scheduled, we may be able to let you keep a program until your next meeting date, but please do not assume this. Call (814) 933-3803 ext. 238.


If problems arise with the tape or slides during your advance viewing, feel free to call us at (814) 933-3803 ext. 238. Many times they can be corrected by minor adjustments to the tape or carousel, and we will make every effort to help you.


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