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Wendy & her daughter Abbey
(Abbey volunteers at APS during
her summer breaks)
Staff Profile

Wendy Masorti
Complaint Manager/ Webmaster/IT Coordinator

I will never forget my first day at the APS, October 31, 1989. Upon entering the front door I ran into a television camera crew doing an interview with a giant dinosaur and Bill Welch (this was during the release of the dinosaur stamps and of course it was a blow-up dinosaur). As I went into the building further I was greeted by a giant pumpkin, a witch, and a cow girl! It was Halloween after all, but I sure wondered what I was getting myself into.

I was hired by Director of Administration, Frank Sente as his assistant. Over the years Frank became a wonderful friend and mentor. In 1998 I left the APS for a short while thinking there was something better for me – but after only a few short months I realized I had made a mistake. I approached Bob Lamb and asked for my job back. He told me my position was filled but that he needed a webmaster and asked if I could build web pages? I had no clue how to build web pages but I assured Bob I was not afraid to learn. He believed in me and hired me back; together we brought the APS website in-house.

With some new knowledge under my belt in 2001 I was approached by a friend to venture out into a web site business; of course I had to try. So I once again left the APS; and once again it was only a month or two and I was back. This time I was hired into the Shows & Exhibitions Department by Ken Martin and became the first shows assistant to travel to StampShow to help.

In 2003 I transferred to an open position in the Accounting Department where I become very familiar with the Sales Division payment processes, library processes, and entered thousands of dues payments! Upon moving to the new building in 2004 Helen Bruno took a position in Editorial. Now Bob Lamb needed an assistant and a Complaint Manager. So my thirst for knowledge took me once again into a new position. In 2006 the position of Director of Membership Administration opened up and I was asked if I wanted the job. This took some thought on my part; it was the position once held by my mentor and in my heart I knew I could never fill his shoes. Frank was one of a kind and knew so much about the APS. But I took the job and ran the department, but only for a short while.

In 2009 we found ourselves struggling with the creation of the new website. When approached if I could take on the project, I was ecstatic. The web site is the face of the APS and to me it would be an honor. The project has been a very trying one and we have been experiencing some snags with the developer on bringing all departments into the new web based environment. You see we are not just building a new look; we are rebuilding all departments to be integrated with the site. This means that some departments will have to relearn their jobs – Expertizing, Sales Division, Accounting, StampStore – will all be tied into the new site so that our members can view transactions and dealings with the APS all from the internet.

Do I collect stamps? Yes, for fun! Frank Sente always asked me when I was going to start collecting; my response was as soon as Bugs Bunny is released on a U.S. stamp. Well sure enough in 1997 Bugs Bunny was issued and Frank bought me my first cover. I now have small collections of Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, and teddy bears. And with the constant nudge of Ken Martin, I hope to exhibit some day when I find the time.

I have enjoyed working for the APS for the last 20 years and I am here to stay as long as the APS needs me. Outside of work, I have been married for 19 years and have two children Darrin 15 and Abigail 9. I spend most of my time at wrestling, baseball, and soccer sporting events. Over the last 15 years I have enjoyed working on home renovations with my husband and for the last three years have been having a blast dancing jazz with my friends.

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