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Affiliation provides a formal structure through which the participants may work together for mutual benefit. The APS is interested in helping any specialty society whose objectives and activities are compatible with ours. By promoting the growth of specialized philatelic societies, we are promoting the growth of philately in general for the benefit of everyone.

Affiliate Benefits

The APS Supports Its Affiliates by Offering:

Free Dues
Affiliates do not pay dues to APS.

Mailing Lists
Upon request, we will supply you with the names and addresses of APS members (at no charge) who indicate collecting interests consistent with your organization’s purpose. We ask your Society to use any list received from the APS only to solicit memberships and that you would not otherwise use or release it.

Library Services
The American Philatelic Research Library is available to your society.
*Research and scan services available at member rate.  Borrowing material requires individual to be an APS member.  

APS Promotion
The APS Promotes its Affiliates in a number of ways:

  • The APS Administration office maintains membership applications for each affiliate and distributes them whenever possible.
  • Periodically, a list of affiliates is published in our monthly magazine providing APS members the opportunity to request information about them.
  • At our annual Great American Stamp Show, information is shared upon request.
  • Each new APS member is sent a list of affiliates upon joining.



To Apply for Affiliation

Your organization must be national in scope and must have been in existence for at least two years.  You must have at least twenty-five dues paying members, at least ten of which also must belong to the APS. We encourage you to review Article 10 of the APS Bylaws which relates to affiliates.

Complete an Affiliate Request Form and send it to headquarters with the following items:

  • A copy of your society’s membership application.
  • A copy of your official bylaws.
  • A list of your members indicating that at least ten are members of the APS.
  • The last two issues of your society’s official publication.


You will see on the Request form that we ask you to designate an official APS representative who will be the communication link between the APS and your organization. The individual must be a member of both your group and the APS. The APS representative is the individual to whom we will send official notices, yearly reports, and the copy of The American Philatelist.

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