Volunteer Awards for Local Service Recognize Unsung Heroes of Philately

Volunteer Awards for Local Service Recognize Unsung Heroes of Philately

Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards - Local Service

In 2008, the Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition awards were established in memory of Nick Carter. Their purpose is to recognize the hard work of philatelists on the local and national level to strengthen and promote philately. The 2019 Volunteer Recognition awards will be presented by APS Executive Director Scott English during the APS General Membership meeting on Saturday, August 3rd, at StampShow 2019 in Omaha. The American Philatelic Society is proud to honor the service of stamp collectors who promote the hobby at the local level, lead and organize local clubs and shows, and work behind the scenes to sustain and grow the hobby.


Ed Bailey

Bailey started collecting stamps when he was 7 years old. He collects stamps from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Switzerland. He enjoys exhibiting his stamps and covers in an informal, informative manner to the general public. He joined the Syracuse Stamp Club in January 1979 and served as a director of the club for several years. He was the SYRAPEX show chair in 1983 and served as the SYRAPEX bourse chair for nine consecutive shows beginning in 1995. He also served as the show banquet chair in 1983. He also operates the Syracuse Stamp & Collectibles Show which has several shows per year at the Carrier Circle Hotel.

Lawrence Crain

An APS member since 1979, Larry Crain has been active in the Southern Oregon Philatelic Society and its annual show since at least 2007. He is currently Executive Secretary of the Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs and President of the Council of Northern California Philatelic Societies. He has at least five different exhibits on subjects ranging from Colombia to Plate Number Coils, has given presentations on exhibiting at World Series shows and has been a volunteer at a number of APS shows.

Tony Crumbley

Crumbley is a stamp dealer specializing in Confederate and Southern US postal history who has exhibited at national shows for many years, with many gold level exhibits. He has won the Confederate Stamp Alliance trophy twice. He has also published books and hundreds of articles. A past president of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, Crumbley has been editor of the North Carolina Postal History Society journal since its inception in 1982 and has been recognized as an honorary "general" by the CSA. Crumbley has also served as a Vice President of the Machine Cancel Society and has been active in the Charlotte Philatelic Society and its CHARPEX stamp show. At the 2019 Southeastern Stamp Expo Crumbley received the Southeast Federations Rowland Hill award for Service to the Hobby in the Southeastern States.

Kerry Heffner

Heffner has been the exhibit chair for AmeriCover for a number of years. He also plays a key role in the Omaha WSP show. For AmeriCover he is also the Awards Chair, on the Setup Committee, helps with take down, and stays an extra day to mail all the exhibits back.

Ray Murphy

Murphy has served the St. Petersburg Stamp Club as the APS representative/ambassador since 1998. For much of the past 20 years he has also served as their American Topical Association representative, their newsletter editor, and on their board. An APS member since 1995 Ray has also been a volunteer for the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition, has four exhibits on Ireland and Jamaica, is co-author of the Military Mail volume 9 of the Encyclopedia of Jamaica Philately and a Director of the Eire Philatelic Association.

William A. O’Connor

O’Connor has served as President of the Philatelic Clubs of Southern California, President of the San Diego Philatelic Council, President of the Eire Philatelic Society, President of the Poway Stamp Club, and Show Chairman of POWPEX. He also helps run auctions for the San Diego County Philatelic Library, serves as a regular volunteer keeping the doors open and the lights on at the San Diego Philatelic library, and has helped appraise collections for What's in Your Attic at Southern California stamp shows. He also has handled show cachet arrangements and been a general volunteer for SESCAL. O’Connor has previously been recognized with the 2009 Distinguished Service Award from the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California.

Paul Petersen

Petersen creates and publishes the newsletter for the Philatelic Society of Lancaster (PA). He also co-taught an elective at the APS Summer Seminar titled “Stamp Clubs and Reaching Out – Grassroot Connections.”

Steve Sherman

Since at least 2012 Steve Sherman has been heavily involved with the Kalamazoo Stamp Club annual show. He works to include special exhibits such as antique cars to have greater appeal to the general public. He also has worked very closely with the Marshall, Michigan USPS museum and has helped arrange for portions of their collections to be shown at venues including the APS StampShow in Grand Rapids, Michigan and INDYPEX.

Donald W. Smith

Some individuals rest on their laurels, but not Don Smith. A past president of the American Topical Association, Smith was named Distinguished Topical Philatelist in 1976. Over 40 years later he edits Philatelic Chatter, newsletter of the Johnstown Stamp Club, which he has been doing since at least 1999. He is also actively involved in the Johnstown Stamp Club annual show and president of the Napoleonic Age Philatelists, an APS affiliate.

Kathleen Wunderly

Since retiring from the American Philatelic Society in 1999, Kathleen Wunderly has provided volunteer services for the Society. These include writing two editions of the book Bellefonte and Early Air Mail, giving talks at our annual Summer Seminar, and more recently helping to mend and repair library books each week.


Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Volunteer Recognition Awards are presented to recognize the outstanding efforts of our volunteers at national and local levels; and to recognize our younger members whose outstanding leadership is crucial to our future.

The awards have been named in memory of Nick Carter who helped to establish them. Nick felt it was important to recognize those unsung heroes who contribute their talents, time and energies to benefit stamp collecting and the Society.

Learn more about the Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards and previous years' Local Service recipients.

Information about this year's award winners comes from the July issue of the American Philatelist. APS members can read the AP online and in print.
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