2020 Challenge: Recruit, Join, Win a Free Life Membership

2020 Challenge: Recruit, Join, Win a Free Life Membership

The Year of Membership – The 2020 Challenge

The Chance of a Lifetime: Recruit, Join, Win

A new decade, a new challenge: Recruiting 2,020 new members for 2020. This ambitious goal will require all of us to accomplish. We’re so serious, we’re offering three life memberships as an incentive and a thank you:

  1. APS Members:  For every new member you recommend, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a free life membership.*
  2. Dealers and Chapters: For every successful new recruitment, the dealer or chapter name will be entered into a separate Dealer/Chapter drawing for a free life membership.*
  3. New Member:  All new members recruited in 2020 will be entered into a drawing for a free life membership!*

The year-long contest will end on December 31, 2020. Life Membership drawings will occur at the General Membership meeting during the Spring Meeting at St. Louis Stamp Expo (March 19-21, 2021).

APS members are our best recruiters, because they know exactly why membership in the American Philatelic Society is important!

The APS will host two leader boards, updated weekly, for the Individual and Dealer challenges, as well as a weekly update towards our goal of 2,020 new members. Stay tuned for updates on the challenge, recruitment advice from the American Philatelic Society’s best advocates, Life Member profiles, and more.

*Restrictions apply. See Contest Rules below.


Contest Rules:

  1. New member applications received from January 1 to December 31, 2020, will be valid for entry.
  2. The following membership categories will be eligible: Regular, Associate, Junior, Chapter, and Young Professional membership (beginning April 1, 2020).
  3. Gift memberships must be completed and accepted within the time limits of the contest.
  4. Reinstated memberships are not eligible for entry, but reinstated members may be eligible if they recruit new members.
  5. New member applications must be accepted – rejected member applications will not be entered.
  6. Only members in good standing will be eligible to win the free life membership.
  7. APS Chapters are eligible to participate. If a chapter wins, we encourage awarding to a chapter member.
  8. Members of the APS Board of Directors, APRL Board of Trustees, and APS employees are not eligible to win a free life membership.
  9. Current APS Life Members are eligible to participate and win the drawing. If a Life Member is chosen as a drawing winner, they will instead receive a $750 APS credit or may donate to the APS or APRL.

Whether you are a beginning collector or have collected for years, we welcome you to join the American Philatelic Society and discover the many benefits of membership. Join now.

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