2019 APS and APRL Officers Election Results Announced Today

2019 APS and APRL Officers Election Results Announced Today


Final Results Certified by APS Board of Elections


BELLEFONTE, PA – Today, the American Philatelic Society announced the results of the officers’ elections for APS Board of Directors and American Philatelic Research Library Board of Trustees.  Ballots were included in the May 2019 issue of The American Philatelist and mailed directly to members who do not receive the magazine.

For the APS Board of Directors, officers were elected to three-year terms beginning in August 2019 through August 2022. None of the 10 elected positions were contested in the 2019 Election. All of the elected officers were newly-elected in the 2016 cycle, so term limits did not affect any office. Stephen Reinhard, who serves in the Board’s Immediate Past President office, will remain on the Board for three more years. This position is not subject to vote by the APS membership.

The membership also elected candidates for two APRL Trustee positions to replace outgoing APRL Vice President Patricia Stilwell-Walker and Secretary Charles Wooster. One of the Board’s two Founders/Patrons/Fellows spots was up for election to replace outgoing Trustee Don Heller. The candidates will join Hugh McMackin, who was appointed by APS President Robert Zeigler to replace outgoing Trustee and past-APRL President Roger Brody. The terms of the incoming Trustees will expire in August 2025. 

Newly-elected officers of the APS and APRL Boards will officially take office on Saturday, August 3, 2019 at the annual StampShow/National Topical Stamp Show held in Omaha, NE. The organizational meeting for both Boards will occur at 1 pm at the CHI Health Center Omaha Convention Center and Arena.

Zeigler Robert-3

Total number of ballots cast in the election was 1,986 and 1,978 were declared valid. In the 2016 election, 3,961 were cast and 4,710 in the 2013 election. The 2019 Election was the least contested election in recent APS history, so low turnout was expected. 

The election results were certified by APS members: Debbie Cleeton, Bill Lehr, and Gerry Robbins, who served as the Board of Elections for the 2019 Elections. Members of the Woodycrest United Methodist Church in State College, Pennsylvania again assisted in counting ballots.

Pictured right: APS President Robert Zeigler


2019 Election Results – American Philatelic Society Board of Directors (1,978 votes cast)

President:                                      Robert Zeigler                                   1,929*

                                                         Other (Write-In)                                10


Board of Vice Presidents:          Cheryl Ganz

(Slate of Three)                             Patricia “Trish” Kaufmann           1,937*

                                                         Jeff Shapiro              

                                                         Other (Write-In)                                3


Secretary:                                      Stephen Schumann                         1,911*

                                                         Other (Write-In)                                4


Treasurer:                                      Bruce Marsden                                  1,912*

                                                         Other (Write-In)                                 5


Director-at-Large:                       Peter McCann                                    1,869*

(Total of 4 elected)                      Rich Drews                                         1,865*

                                                         Michael Bloom                                  1,844*

                                                         Mark Schwartz                                  1,842*

                                                         Other (Write-In)                                 31


2019 Election Results – American Philatelic Research Library Board of Trustees (1,978 votes cast)


Trustee:                                           Melanie Rogers                                 1,914*

(Two elected)                                 Greg Galletti                                       1,824*

                                                          Other (Write-In)                                 4



Fellows Trustee:                           Thomas Bieniosek                            40*

(40 votes cast)


*Denotes election winner

Congratulations to the new APRL and APS officers. These results will also appear in the July issue of The American Philatelist.

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