James Dempsey of A & D Stamps and Coins is the APS Dealer of the Year

James Dempsey of A & D Stamps and Coins is the APS Dealer of the Year

APS Dealer of the Year Award Honors the Contributions and Exceptional Experience of A & D Stamps and Coins Dealer James Dempsey

"Stamp and cover dealers are the lifeblood of our hobby,"

So comments APS President Bob Ziegler in the July issue of the American Philatelist. Ziegler's reflection on philatelic dealers acknowledges the essential role that dealers play within the stamp community: that the average stamp show, whether a small affair or large event like StampShow in Omaha, "absolutely depends from an economic and practical standpoint on dealer participation."

The debt of collectors to dealers goes deeper. Ziegler points out, "Great collections, from which come great exhibits, are built not by collectors alone, but with the assistance, cooperation and sometimes sheer stamp savvy of dealers. Whether full- or part-time, a dealer often sees far more of what is available in the market than collectors do. Most dealers carry a list, whether written or in their heads, of certain items their clients seriously desire, or perhaps a category of items for which they may search. Their success may transform a pedestrian collection into a great one, and an otherwise modest show into one that will be long remembered."


The APS is proud to award James Dempsey with the third annual Dealer of the Year Award for his exceptional contributions to the American Philatelic Society and to the stamp collecting hobby. Jim Dempsey is a life member of the APS, and a valued member of the American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA), National Stamp Dealers Association, and the International Federation of Stamp Dealers' Association. He has operated A & D Stamps and Coins with his wife, Sue Dempsey, for sixty years. Dempsey served the APS for several years as the Dealer Representative to the APS Board, and currently serves on the APS Dealer Advisory Committee.

As APS President Ziegler says, "Dealers are critical to collectors because they help knit the hobby together. A business relationship may last many years, and become a true friendship." Congratulations to James Dempsey for his years of friendship to collectors and his continuing contributions to philately.

The 2019 Dealer of the Year Award will be presented to James Dempsey by APS Executive Director Scott English at StampShow 2019 in Omaha, N.E. To learn more about StampShow, visit the APS website here. 


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