APS Education Launches Online Learning Platform as a New Member Benefit

APS Education Launches Online Learning Platform as a New Member Benefit

For Teacher Appreciation Week this year, the APS Education department is proud to announce a new benefit for APS members: C3a – the Collecting and Connecting Central learning platform. Collecting and Connecting Central is an online learning tool, accessible any time, with content covering a wide variety of areas of philatelic interest (with more content being added as it becomes available).

C3a features videos, learning modules, and other resources, available for members to use at their own speed and convenience. Content includes both basic philatelic tools and tips, as well as videos that will satisfy more specific philatelic interests. Some titles include: "Symbol of Progress and Forward Stride: The Highway Post Office," "Exploring the Beauty of Humanity," "Tools of the Hobby," and more.  

As the APS celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week, we would like to recognize several “trailblazers” who graciously provided content for C3a:

Michael Bloom, “Got Guatemala” Michael Bloom Got Guatamala

This lesson explores ten reasons to begin a collection of Guatemala. Readers of the American Philatelist might recall the March 2019 issue 'Got Guatemala' - between these two resources, collectors will have plenty of good reasons to start collecting these stamps!

Graham Beck, “Most Unusual Stamps” Graham Beck Most Unusual Stamps

You might know Graham as Exploring Stamps on Youtube - in his monthly videos, he does a deep dive into the particulars (geography, history, pop culture, and more) of one single stamp. In his video for C3a, "Most Unusual Stamps," members can learn about the oddest issues that collectors might run across. 

Dick Colberg, “What is My Collection Worth?” Dick Colberg What is My Collection Worth

In this video, Dick offers valuable information for people looking to sell all or parts of a collection - and still make money! This module includes suggestions for sellers, a tutorial on the laws of supply and demand (and their effect on the worth of a collection), and a PDF example of an inventory sellers should prepare before they sell.

Tasos Kalfas, “The Flyin’ Ohioans: Commemorating Ohio’s Role in Aviation” Tasos Kalfas Ohio

Can't make it to the National Postal Museum or American Philatelic Center to check out air mail exhibits? Try Tasos's module 'The Flyin' Ohioans' on for size. Tasos demonstrates how the state of Ohio had a huge impact on aviation and the subsequent development of air mail, using philatelic artifacts and photos supplied by the National Postal Museum.

Ron Matteri, “The French Indochina War & Its Result: The American War in Vietnam” Ron Matteri French Indochina

Ron combines military history and postage stamps in 'The French Indochina War & Its Result' - he uses stamps to explore little known facts of the French Indochina War and some of the reasons why it evolved into the American Vietnam War.


These lessons and many more are available on the C3a portal - your gateway to a new world of philatelic learning. For more information about how to log in and access C3a's resources, view our informational video.

Additionally: the APS is looking for additional content to add to the platform, and we need your help! If you have a PowerPoint program with a written script, our team can turn your expertise into a video or e-learning course. Contact education@stamps.org for more information.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Check back in for more updates about the APS Education department's resources.

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