APS Experts Certify Omitted Die Cut Error Panes on Bush Stamp

APS Experts Certify Omitted Die Cut Error Panes on Bush Stamp

The American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX) has certified a die-cut omitted error of the 2019 George H.W. Bush forever commemorative, purchased by an APS member in Edmonds, Washington.

Figure 2 - 231350 003

The APS member, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells us “I bought about 6 panes of the stamps, about 2 days after their issue date. About 2-3 panes down in my stack I found the 2 panes and noticed something that seemed very different about them. I set them aside but was unsure what they really were.” A few months later, he submitted both panes to the American Philatelic Expertizing Service for identification and authentication.


The two panes sent to the APEX Expert Committee lacked any evidence of die cuts. Because, as the owner described, the panes were found in the middle of a stack, it is unlikely that the sheets did not go through the die cutting process. They were simply skipped as the sheets moved through the die cutter.

For each of these two error panes, the American Philatelic Expertization Service will be issuing a certificate stating: “United States Scott No. 5393 var, full pane of 20, plate position 1, die cut omitted, unused. Genuine. One of two panes submitted simultaneously and identified as the discovery copies.”

When a Scott catalog number is issued for this error variety, APEX will issue replacement certificates with the new catalog number.

There will be a complete article regarding this find in the January 2020 issue of The American Philatelist magazine. Current and past issues of The American Philatelist are available to read online now.

The American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX) has been serving the philatelic community since 1903, offering in-depth, expert opinions on philatelic material. More information on APEX is available on the stamps.org website.


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