Buy and Sell: A New Option for Clear Stamp Mounts

Buy and Sell: A New Option for Clear Stamp Mounts

By: Wendy Masorti, Sales Director, APS StampStore – Providing a New Option for Clear Stamp Mounts

In my March column, I advised that our mount supplier went out of business and that once supplies were exhausted we would no longer sell stamp mounts.   In May it was then announced that the stamp mount line was sold to Alco Distributors who hope to have things up and running later this year.  We will keep you posted when you may expect to order directly from them. 

While suggestions were provided within the article for ordering and use of other types of mounts (such as the split back), our search continued for an affordable option for the three-sided clear mounts which we and many of our StampStore and circuit book sellers prefer. Our search lead us to, an industry leader in all types of packaging solutions.   Specifically for our needs, they offer a line of “Flap Seal Crystal Clear Bags®” which are 1.6 mil thick made from acid free, archival safe BOPP, come with an adhesive strip on the flaps, and feature optimal clarity and durability.  We searched the many sizes they have available and found options that nearly match the clear mount sizes we previously offered. 

IMG-0018-1Here is a listing of the sizes we selected for mounting stamps and covers:

For regular singles/standard commemorative: 
1 5/8" x 1 1/2" + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B1X1] 100 Pieces $4.05 (view)

For larger singles and regular blocks of 4:
2 1/2" x 2 1/2" + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B2X2] 100 Pieces $3.44 (view)

For normal commemorative plate blocks:
4 1/2" x 2 13/16" + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B4X2] 100 Pieces $5.27 (view)

For  No. 6 ¾ envelopes:
6 11/16" x 4 3/4" + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B56M] 100 Pieces $7.02 (view)

For No. 10 envelopes:
9 7/8" x 4 7/16" + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B49XL] 100 Pieces $8.77 (view)

We ordered each of these sizes and performed a few tests.  Held side-by-side with our previous mounts, the bags are overall larger as the adhesive flap area is larger.  Also at first glance it may appear as there is no adhesive tab to remove – but it is there – it too is clear and resembles a piece of tape.  As you would with the mounts, simply remove the tab and firmly press the adhesive area to your page.  If firmly pressed down, they appear to stick as well as the mounts.  We also performed a scan and photo test.  Both were successful and actually provided less glare, which improved imaging.

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We did come across one potential issue for Circuit Books users.  If using the clear bags in the circuit books, the smallest size for the regular singles is a little larger and along with the larger flap area may not fit as nicely in the "singles" books as the previous C1/2 mount.  They could be used but it may require you to space out the stamps and not have as many in the book.  Please note, we do still have an inventory of about 500 packs of the C1/2 mounts, and will fill orders for these until our supply is exhausted. 

Overall, the clear bags seem like a quality, very affordable option capable of accommodating all sizes of philatelic material.  At this price, we encourage sellers to purchase a small supply and test for yourself.  Please provide us with feedback of your experience with the bags, as well as any other successful options that you have discovered and used successfully.

Editor's Note: The column was published in the September 2019 issue of the American Philatelist, available online now for members to read in full. We will be posting the columns of APS executives on this website to provide updates about American Philatelic Society. Learn more about the benefits of APS membership here.


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