Thanks! APS exceeds its Giving Tuesday goal

Thanks! APS exceeds its Giving Tuesday goal

Giving Tuesday - APS exceeds its goal!

Members and friends of the American Philatelic Society were in the giving spirit on Giving Tuesday! We were hoping to raise $5,000. Thanks to all of you, we raised $7040!

In recognition of Giving Tuesday, we chose one of our favorite programs, StampsTeach, to highlight and support. 

What is StampsTeach?


StampsTeach is a program that provides K – 12 educators with ready-made learning activities and philatelic materials to use in their classrooms. This includes lesson plans and activities geared for each grade level, with a variety of content areas -  including science, math, language arts, health, history, fine arts, and more.

When we send a single StampsTeach package (left) to a participating teacher, they receive:

  • Symbols of America as Told by Stamps books
  • Symbols of America guide and reproducible
  • StampsTeach brochure and access to printable lesson plans
  • Mystic's Guide to Stamp Collecting book
  • My Stamp Album booklet
  • Information about how to start a Postage Stamp Token Economy
  • Young Stamp Collectors of America brochure
  • Bags of kid-friendly, US & worldwide, and patriotic postally used stamps

Read all about StampsTeach and find out what teachers and students are saying about the program's impact.

How can I get involved for Giving Tuesday?

On Giving Tuesday, the APS wants to bring StampsTeach to 200 new classrooms. Every donation, no matter how big or small, brings us closer to that goal.

A single StampsTeach package only costs $25 to put together and deliver to a K-12 classroom in the United States. When you donate at least $25 on Giving Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to name a school to receive the gift of a StampsTeach package.

Double Your Impact - Meet our Matching Donors

On December 3rd only, your impact will be doubled thanks to the generosity of our matching donors, Michael Bloom and Jack Dykhouse, who have pledged to match up to $2,500 of your gifts.

Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom is a highly active APS member: he currently serves on the Board of Directors and the Campaign for Philately, and in 2017 he won the Century Award for his recruitment of over 100 members to the APS. Michael has faithfully put his energy into projects that recruit and educate entry-level and young collectors.

“I began collecting stamps around the age of 10 having been exposed to the hobby by my dad. When I became active in organized philately, I started the APS Stamp Buddy program to provide mentoring to adult collectors. Stamp Buddy booths appeared at APS shows and at World Series of Philately shows and attracted more than 100 new APS members. Eventually, I became chairman of the APS Education Committee and was amazed at the impact and reach of the Stamps Teach program.

"As an APS Director, I’m now in a position to really support our in-class and online education programs. I support the Stamps Teach program because I want to pass along the gifts that stamp collecting has given to me.  One of these gifts is being really good at Jeopardy, especially on the history and geography questions.  Stamp collecting gave me confidence as an elementary school student.  Stamp collecting has kept me in touch with really intelligent and interesting people.“

Thank you to Michael for your passion for the StampsTeach program and your matching gift.


Jack Dykhouse

APS Executive Director Scott English calls Jack Dykhouse one of the great connectors in the hobby, and a quiet supporter of the APS and of philately. "Jack is one of many members who when called upon to act, will happily step up to the plate."

For Jack, collecting is all about community. He told us, "besides the interesting stamps and covers, I think the best thing about philately is that it enables one to make friends all around the world. In November, I was at a stamp show in Paris and had lunch with friends that came from as far away as Thailand. The next day a Frenchman spent three hours showing me his very specialized collection although neither of us spoke the other's language."

Thank you to Jack for your unwavering support of the philatelic community and for helping us double our impact on Giving Tuesday.

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