Behind the Propaganda on North Korean Stamps

Behind the Propaganda on North Korean Stamps

     The summit taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam, between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, more commonly known as North Korea, focused world attention on the reclusive nation that sits between China and the Republic of Korea, or South Korea.

President Trump's Trip to Vietnam

     South Korean society is an open one: Western media report on just about every aspect of life in the capital Seoul and elsewhere in the country. But North Korea remains a closed book to many — except, perhaps, stamp collectors. 

     APS member Mark Sommer is an adjunct professor in Government, Diplomacy, International Affairs, Global Security & Sociopolitical Issues. He has studied the stamps of North Korea to gain insight into what the government wants to convey overseas, and how the stamps reflect culture in the North. His insights will be of interest to many collectors, we're sure.

     You can find Sommer's article online at the website of the North Korean Review. It's something worth reading, especially in light of today's headlines.


USS PUEBLO stamp image source:, North Korean Stamp Catalog

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