Sneak Preview of Canada Post’s Coming Issues for 2019

Sneak Preview of Canada Post’s Coming Issues for 2019

Jim Phillips, Director of Stamp Services for Canada Post, is a sneaky guy. Every autumn he quietly tucks away modest hints about planned issues for the year ahead in the pages of Details magazine, Canada Post’s more-or-less bimonthly publication detailing new issues of our northern neighbor. But you’ve got to look very carefully.

In his holiday message on page 4 in the October/November Details No. 9, Phillips reveals “this  year’s religious  and  secular  Christmas  issues” include “a  very  special  Christmas  collectible  –  an  uncut  production  press  sheet  featuring  both  issues.  It’s a Canada  Post  first!”

He also writes that “in  this  issue  you’ll  get  a  sneak  peek  of what’s  to  come,” then doles out the news on the first three Canadian issues of 2019:

•  Her  Majesty  Queen  Elizabeth  II,  January  14

•  From  Far  and  Wide,  January  14

•  Lunar  New  Year  of  the  Pig,  January  18

 “From Far and Wide” is a photographic definitive series that got underway with nine stamps early in 2018, showcasing “Picturesque Canada,” as noted in a January 15 APS blog post on the issue.



 The incurious may go no further, but your APS knows better! If you search attentively through the digital pages of Details, you’ll find out about Canada’s plans for at least a dozen more 2019 issues on page 15:

•  “In  February,  our  Black  History  stamp  salutes  Albert Jackson,  the  first  Black  Canadian  letter  carrier.  Gardenias  bloom  in  our  flower  issue,  and  we  pitch  toward  spring  with  a  nod  to  the  Vancouver  Asahi  baseball  team.

•  “Watch  carefully  as  bears  lumber  across  our  stamps,  and  learn  how  Canadian  ingenuity  in  aviation  has  made  us  soar.

•  “We’ll  bring  back  the  past  to  relive  the  Red  River  Resistance,  the  founding  of  Manitoba  and  the  legacy  of  historic  covered  bridges.  Nature  gets  its  due  with  stamps  depicting  endangered  turtles,  and  some  tasty  Canadian  desserts  will  whet  your  appetite.

102418_Canada-Christmas2-2018-blog•  “As  usual,  the  year  ends  with  a  semi-postal  fundraising  stamp  for  your  generous  donations  that  directly  support  the  Canada  Post  Community  Foundation,  plus  sacred  and  secular  Christmas  issues.”


Your own digital copy of Canada Post’s Details magazine is available here.

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